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Fashion Tips

By Editorial Staff

fashion tipsContributed by Info Guru Lauren Dejesus-Glasgow

What defines someone as “fashionable” is subjective to each person.

Being trendy might be more fashionable than a retro style to some, while to others fashion all comes down to shoes and accessories and how someone pairs them with simple basics. Then there are those who are lost. They may have an idea of fashion but not how to put things together into a cohesive ensemble. Here are the top ten fashion tips on how to dress for those individuals who might just need a little extra guidance.

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10. Know your numbers

Know your numbers

Having the correct measurements for the bust, waist, hips, and hemlines might not seem like a big deal, but have trust, they most certainly do. Countless people are walking around in clothes that they know do not fit them properly — all because they were ignorant to the fact of their true measurements. Same goes for undergarments! Many department stores and boutiques have associates on hand with a measuring tape to help customers out for free.

9. A Tale of Two Purses

 A Tale of Two Purses

Hobo bags, messenger bags, clutches—oh my! So many styles of purses and handbags that it can drive a person crazy trying to decide which ones best suit them. In truth, all that is really needs are two bags—one for daytime and one for nighttime.

A perfect bag for going out a night would be a small clutch in a darker color to hold the necessities such as a credit card, ID, cash, and a phone. Daytime calls for a bag built for function such a hobo bag (if someone’s feeling a little trendy), or shoulder bag in a lighter color.

8. Dress in a Style That Suits You

Dress in a Style That Suits You

Forget the trends! If you do not feel comfortable in jeggings, bomber jackets, or crop tops, do not do it. It is so easy to spot someone in clothing that they do not feel comfortable in — it messes with their confidence! Stick to styles that you feel fits your needs, your budget, and your shape well.

The same applies to people with a curvier shape. Do not be afraid to wear the styles you like! If a plus size individual feels comfortable in leather skinny jeans — then go for it. Rock whatever clothing feels good for you.

7. Time to Accessorize

Time to Accessorize

The way a person puts accessories together can take an outfit from zero to 60. It all comes down to finding a balancing act between them—don’t put too much stuff in one area. It’s overwhelming to wear a hat, and a scarf, as well as frames and long, dangly earrings; they’re all on your head and the balance will be off.

Scarves go nicely with stylish frames and simple studs, while hats go nicely with casual outfits. Skinny belts add another dimension to a dress, and pairing it with bracelets and earrings brings an aesthetic balance to an ensemble.

6. Contrast shapes and sizes

Contrast shapes and sizes

Wearing a flowing top with tighter bottoms and wearing a tighter top with looser trousers is a style that has been reemerging for decades.

Whether the pants are harem pants, wide-leg trousers, or casual linen pants; pairing them with a tighter top such as a simple spaghetti strap or sleeveless blouse, adds an appealing balance to the eyes. The same affect is achieved when wearing skinny jeans, jeggings, or straight leg trousers with a flowing, loose top of any fabric or length.

5. Adding a Pop of Color

 Adding a Pop of Color

Having a pop of color in an outfit is an interesting way to mix it up every one in a while. If an outfit seems too dowdy, slap on some brightly colored lipstick, or your brightest purse or pair of shoes; the effect will be the same. It is all about adding a bright spot to an otherwise darker hued collection.

4. Dress Appropriately for the Season

 Dress Appropriately for the Season

Have you ever been to a black-tie business dinner and seen someone in flip-flops? Or seen someone in tights and a cocktail dress at a summer beach party? No! And if you have, they were probably the cause for quite some conversation.

Certain seasons call for certain attire. Usually crisp, looser, lighter clothes are worn in the summer fashion season, while darker, heavier clothing is worn in the winter season (and in abundance). Summer calls for less material in your attire, so as to be comfortable in the heat, while winter is the time to layer with coats. Even in this sense, it all comes down to comfort.

3. Forget the rules!

 Forget the rules

No white after Labor Day. Do not wear silver with gold. Do not wear red lipstick during the day. It is 2012, and it is safe to say that these rules no longer apply. Fashion today is all about being innovative and creating a unique look for each individual. Besides, where is the fun in keeping these outdated guidelines when rules are meant to be broken?

2. Invest in the Staples

Invest in the Staples

If a budding fashionista/fashionisto should be dropping serious cash on any item of clothing, it should be on the basics. Basics like a good pair of dark wash jeans, a leather jacket, and of course a little black dress never go out of style. If timeless pieces such as these fit perfectly and are of good quality, they will last for years and, in turn, are worth every penny.

1. Confidence


A person can know every fashion tip on how to dress, and have every trend-setting, designer-labeled piece of high quality couture there is, but if the person does not have the confidence to wear it with pride and smile on their face, the outfit will fall flat. Going back to tip number eight, a person has to have an outfit that works for them. If they are too busy fussing over keeping the buttons on a blouse closed, or are unable to walk in their $600 heels, then nothing will work right.

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The point of fashion is to make people feel like their own personal best. So put on your best wear, pull back those shoulders, and smile — the world is your catwalk.


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