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Where to find fashion advice

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Know where to find fashion advice to take the mystery out of what to wear

Know where to find fashion advice to take the mystery out of what to wear

When life throws you a big moment, you have your priorities straight. You’re centered and focused, and you understand exactly what matters most. 

When it comes time to step into the new job, step onto the dance floor, meet your fiance’s parents or get in front of the camera, it’s about what you wear! From the to-die-for shoes to that perfect accessory, the look is everything.

Oh sure. some people might say there are deeper things to consider. But we know better, right? So where can you find fashion advice you can trust and avoid that couture faux pas?  How about here?

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That’s right!  Here are the big “what not to wear” tips … and suggestions for better choices for some of life’s key moments. And lots of links for even more advice.

The first day on the job

Congrats!  You landed that big job!  Now it’s time to get ready for the first day. So what not to wear?  Toss aside those skimpy tank tops and put that super short skirt back in the closet, unless the words “exotic” and “dancing” appeared in your job description. And those ratty jeans?  Even if it’s a casual workplace, they need to stay home.


The goddess of fashion (me!) says it’s time to dress to succeed. No, not the old “dress for success” stuffiness. It’s about dressing for the workplace, plus one. Everyone in jeans and t-shirts? Choose an artsy graphic T, some great jeans (not skinny jeans), and a pair of awesome boots

If it’s business casual, replace the boring polo (yawn!) with a crisp button-down shirt.  For a dressier office where you need to wear, well, dresses, pick a vintage inspired dress with a classic black blazer.

The big, super-special date (or a first date with a really hot guy)

Yeah, this is one of those moments when the look really, really matters. Here’s where the fashion goddess (yes, again that’s me) is going to go against the grain and tell you that you can’t find fashion advice for a big date by imitating those lovely ladies on street corners.

In fact, that’s probably a really good test. Put on your outfit of choice, and look in the mirror. If the local vice cop would give you a second look, it’s time to tone it down.

That being said, no matter what’s planned for your date, you can look great…even sexy. If it’s dancing, choosing a skirt, dress or pants with a bit of bling will let you sparkle on the dance floor.  Add some sexy shoes, but make sure you can walk and dance in them all evening! Blisters and twisted ankles are decidedly unsexy!

Even an outdoor date or camping trip isn’t a bar to looking great. Skip the heels, forget the super-tight jeans and by all means, don’t layer on the make-up (raccoon eyes don’t look good on anyone except the animal!)

Instead. dress for the event, from the sun-shielding hat to the hiking boots. Do slip a pair of adorable flats and a cute weather-appropriate change of clothing into your bag to wear after the walk is over, or while you’re sitting around the campfire.

When it’s lights, camera, action

Nothing strikes fear into a woman’s heart faster than the need to be in front of the camera. But unfortunately, the what not to wear list is also exactly what most people choose! 

First, skip the overdone make-up. Yes, you need a bit more color in front of a TV camera, or even for photos, but you don’t want to look like you just stepped out of one of those mall “glamor” make-overs. Opt for make-up that looks like you, but with a bit more pop around the eyes, and a slightly (and yes, I mean SLIGHTLY) more intense lip color.

When it comes to clothes, the camera won’t miss anything.  So forget about that just-a-bit-too-tight top or that skirt that rides up. Leave the busy patterns in the closet, especially high-contrast patterns. White is generally a bad idea for camera work unless you’re a bride.  And if you’ll be in front of a green screen, that color’s a no-no, too. (You don’t want to come out as a floating head!)

Do choose clothes that fit well, and are comfortable for sitting, standing or walking around. Select flattering colors and simple patterns.  And do make sure you’re dressed as formally (or casually) as the situation demands. 

More places to find fashion advice

I’ve only covered a few of life’s big moments. For the rest, or for more detail, one of the best places to find guidance on what to wear is in your own mirror. Head out to the stores, and try on as many different kinds of clothes as you can find.

Try new styles. Ask the salespeople at a couple of different stores, and see what they recommend for your body type and events.

If you’re not sure where to start, grab a handful of magazines and pull out the pictures that appeal to you. Put them into a notebook and take them with you to the mall to help you find what works for you.


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