Where to find Valentine's Day poems is simple if you know Valentine's history

Where to find Valentine’s Day poems is simple if you know Valentine’s history

Poetry has long been a Valentine’s tradition.  If you know where to find Valentine’s Day poems you have the key to a perfect way to express love or friendship to family members, significant others, or even special friends.   

How did the tradition of Valentines Day poetry first begin?  According to ancient legend, Saint Valentine, a third-century Roman priest, defied a law of Emperor Claudius II.  The emperor had forbidden certain young solders from marrying, because he believed that marriage would cloud their judgment and lessen their interest in war.  

Believing that the law was unjust, Saint Valentine continued to preform secret marriage ceremonies for young soldiers who wished to marry.  As a result, Claudius ordered Valentine to be executed.  

While imprisoned, St. Valentine was befriended by the jailer’s daughter who came to visit him.  Prior to his execution, Valentine left a farewell letter to this young woman, and singed it ?From Your Valentine?.  Thus the tradition of lovers sending Valentines day poems, letters and cards was born. 


If you are searching for a truly unique Valentines Day gift for Feburary 14th, try your hand at crating your own poem.  If you prefer to find the most celebrated Valentines Day literature, or if you simply need some inspiration to get started, here are some resources that will help.

Hunting for Valentines Day Poetry?

Valentines Day Poems for Kids:

Apples4theteacher.com is an educational website for kids, parents and teachers, that features a wonderful assortment of Valentines poetry for children.

Romantic Valentines Day Poems:

Valentinespoems.org is another online source entirely dedicated to showcasing poetry, sayings, and literature, as well as crafts, recipes, songs and games all pertaining to Valentines Day

Your Local Library or Bookstore:

Pay a visit to your local library and peruse the poetry section.  Use the online card catalog to search for specific phrases such as ?love poetry? ?valentines day poetry? or ?romantic poetry?.

With a bit of searching you may be able to find just the right poem for your special valentine, to help you communicate feelings of friendship, family ties, or romance.