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First Shoes for Baby

By Editorial Staff

first shoesContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Having a baby can be one of the most wonderful and exciting experiences for moms, dads and couples.

It may also be nerve-wracking and stressful since everything is new and of unknown territory. The first baby in a family is particularly exciting and revelatory since there are many new firsts that the family will experience. Babies will progress through many milestones on a near-daily basis including getting their first tooth, smiling, rolling, crawling, talking, eating and eventually walking. Among the many physical developmental milestones, babies will also experience other material things such as wearing fun and cute new clothing.

In addition to clothing, babies will also wear their first pair of shoes at some point during the first few months of their lives to keep their feet safe and warm. However, baby shoes become even more important when baby starts walking, typically anytime just before or after they turn a year old. Consider the following top ten first shoes for baby and get your child off to a stepping good start today!

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10. Slip-on shoes

A baby’s first shoes should suit you and your baby’s personal preferences and what you feel will be most efficient, suitable and convenient. Slip-on booties might be an ideal option for your little wee one particularly when they are only a few months old and not mobile. Baby shoes that slip on and off will be easy for you to don and doff saving you time. Furthermore, there is less chance that baby will constantly be pulling off his or her shoes since they may not have the motor skills yet at a very early age.

9. Comfort


When shopping for first shoes for baby, comfort should be one of the top features you seek. An uncomfortable shoe will only make baby cranky, unhappy and possibly lead to sore, achy feet. Avoid purchasing uncomfortable shoes by trying a few different pairs on baby. Ask store clerks for recommendations and advice prior to buying.

8. Playful colors

 Playful colors

A baby’s first shoes should have some fun and playful qualities in addition to comfort and support. Look for shoes that come in bright colors such as red, orange or pink or are decorated with stripes, shapes and pictures for a personal and stylish effect.

7. Season


A baby’s first shoes should reflect the current season of the year and weather conditions. Cold, winter months will require a solid pair of shoes that are warm and insulated. Consider stylishly popular UGG boots for infants such as UGG Infant Zach.

6. Sleepy shoes

Sleepy shoes

Although you may think of formal footwear primarily as a baby’s first shoes, technically anything that covers and protects the feet could be considered his or her first shoes. In this case, baby slippers may fit the bill since they can be worn indoors and useful for babies who aren’t walking yet. Slippers can be worn by baby while sleeping in the crib, rocking in Mommy’s arms or rolling around the floor for fun.

5. Baby booties

Baby booties

Baby booties may be your little one’s first footwear. Booties come in all sorts of different styles, sizes and colors, making them cute, fun and playful for dressing baby up.

4. Moccasins


What could be cuter than seeing a baby wearing a pair of Moccasins? Nothing! Check out Moccasins that come in different colors such as pretty and feminine purples for little baby girls.

3. Special shoes

special occasion shoes

In the first year of their life, babies’ aren’t hitting the road running so shoes are usually worn for special events out of the house with family. For gatherings such as christenings, birthdays or family visits, consider dressing baby up with special occasion shoes. Shoes come in a soft, feminine white color that matches perfectly with white christening dresses or pretty floral spring outfits or fun colors that say it’s a party.

2. Sneakers

baby sneakers

Babies’ first shoes do not have to be formal, flashy or ultra-sophisticated. Rather, think functional and purchase a pair of sneakers for your little one’s first foray into footwear. Baby sneakers come in different styles, appealing to parents who are seeking either a supportive shoe with extra cushion or something more playful and stylish.

1. Shapes

puppy shoes at Koo Koo Bear Kids

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In addition to stylish shoes that come in different colors and prints, the baby’s little shoes also come in different shapes. Look for shoes that are shaped as monkeys, puppies, robots or even television characters from kid’s shows such as Sesame Street’s Big Bird.


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