Flattering Fashions for Pear Shaped Body Types

flattering fashions for pear shaped body types

Flattering fashions for pear shaped body types are not elusive items to find; all that’s needed is a little bit of proper dressing education.

Women of any body type can learn how dress themselves attractively by remembering the most important rule. Dress in ways to draw attention to attractive features and camouflage the less attractive areas of the body.

10. Bottoms

slacks at Patchington

Women who are curvier below the waist should select plain dark colored pants with no side pockets. Bottoms should rest on the waist above the hips and, they should have a comfortable fit that’s not too tight or baggy to give wider curves a slender look. for those who feel the need for pockets, wear a jacket with pockets; better yet, get a crossbody wallet purse.

9. Jackets

jackets at Patchington

These stylish jackets are very popular fashion additions to wear outdoors. Women with fuller, curvier figures should pick jackets that shows off her best features, namely, the shoulders, bust, and waist. Plus, lighter colored indoor jackets look great with dark pants because the attention is naturally drawn to brighter colors. For example, this printed vertical pattern zip front jacket satisfies all figure flattering requirements. It gives the shoulders a broad look, and tapered at the waist to give off an overall slender look that brings attention to the upper body.

8. Tops

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There are a variety of tops that will emphasize a woman’s best features, and this blue tank top is a good choice for the after work casual affair. It has stitching at the bodice to complement the bust and it tapers at the waist and flows over the widest part of the hips. This can be worn with a shug during the work day, then slip it off afterwards. Tops where all or some parts of the long slender arms are shown are popular such as cut away, cold shoulder or peek-a-boo tops. V-neck, scoop neck, and empire stitched tops are very flattering for all seasons.

7. Skirts

skirts for curvy girls

Midi skirts like the one blue one pictured are popular again an excellent choice for ladies who are curvier at the hips. Waist bands for all skirts, and skorts should rest on the waist. Dark colors are usually better than light, flare and ripples are in style good for concealing hips and thighs. Skirts that hit at knee length will bring attention to the nice slender curvy legs, and ankle length maxi skirts are always fashion winners.

6. Sweaters

sweaters for curvy girls

Sweaters are in style for the season and, light knit sweaters that flare out over the hips are very fashionable. Curvier figured women should avoid bulky knit tops or tight bottomed sweaters or, sweater dresses because those will add more width to wider figures. The white knit top pictured here and other light-colored tops will provide warmth during the cooler days of fall and winter. It has a looser fit but it shows off broad shoulders. If the shoulders are not as broad, pick one with shoulder pads.

5. Tunics

tunics for curvy girls

Tunics are in style all year round. The key again is to emphasize the best features which would be the shoulders, bust area, arms and, waist. Don’t go with tunics that go way below the hips. The bottom of the tunic should rest midway to camouflage the widest parts of the hips. V-neck or scoop out neck flatters the bust area and, it should be tapered at the waist to create the slender waist like this printed layered tunic top.

4. A-Line Dresses

A line dresses

A-Line dresses for ladies with curvier figures, is a flattering fashion choice for all seasons. The best thing is not to get a dress that’s not too tight on the hips or too far above the knees which to reveal thick thighs. For example, this long smock dress has the nicely stitched empire bodice; it’s tapered at the waist and falls right at the knee.

3. Boots

Knee-High boots are great for the fall, winter, and early spring. They’re liked by women of all shapes. For women with extra curves, dark colored knee-high boots will give legs that long slender look and takes the attention away from the thighs. Black or knee-high boots are always popular since they can be worn with any color; like black knee-high boots.

2. Jeans

dark jeans for pear shapes

Denim Jeans are a fashion requirement for every closet and getting a pair that looks good is hard for women of any shape. It’s especially challenging for ladies with wide set curves in the hips and thighs. The best jeans to pick should be dark colored boot cut jeans where the waist band sits at mid-level between the waist, and the top part of the hips. The dark blue jeans in this example, have small front pockets and modest stitching. Jeans with the extra embroidery would make hips and thighs look to wide.

1. One Piece Swimwear

one piece swimming suits

Swimwear is the final fashion area where it’s very difficult for women with hourglass curves to find something that looks good on them and, it’s because they choose wrong suit for their body shape. The best thing to do is pick swimwear that will show off a woman’s best features like the arms, bust, waist, and legs. For example, this one-piece tri-colored suit has the dark blue bottom which gives extra curves a slenderer look, plus its high leg cut gives the wearer’s legs that long sexy look. It’s tapered at the waist and has a nice stitched sculpted bodice which complements the bust, arms and shoulder areas. Also, an attention-grabbing accessory like a bracelet would go great with this suit!

Ten in-style, flattering fashions for the woman with the hourglass shape have been shown here: shopping for nice clothes for this body type is not as difficult as it seems. Different versions of the latest fashions that look good on women with the hourglass shape make them look attractive for all occasions.

by Catalogs.com Info Guru Joy West

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