Fun Summer Products Catalogs

Ah, the long boring days of summer. Kick back and relax. Right?

Not quite your style, or the boredom begins to set in, not to worry. You can sit in your lounge chair and browse these catalogs for fun summer products that will fill the time so well, Fall will be here before you can say “sunshine.”

10. In The Swim

In the Swim catalog

Of course, you will find the pumps, accessories, and pool chemicals you need to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and inviting at In The Swim. You will also find super fun pool inflatables, floating toys, and multi-color pool lights for that night time party. If hot tubbing is more your thing, they have entertainment gear like floating beverage holders and pool pillows.

9. Design Toscano

Design Toscano summer products catalog

Add some whimsy to all your outdoor spaces with garden ornaments from Design Toscano. A ceramic frog here, a mermaid fountain there… it will all come together with your vision for a garden that speaks to every moment of summer fun you have planned. You will also find cool entertaining accessories, and art-y metal sculptures to define your outdoor living room.

8. BrylaneHome Outdoor

BrylaneHome Outdoor summer product catalog

Summer outdoor living beckons, and you need to have the right patio or garden furniture to make it welcoming. Get easy care furnishings, with lots of comfy lounge chairs, and fun bright cushions everywhere. BrylaneHome Outdoor also has lots of grilling and entertaining products, which is exactly where you should spend your summer fun budget.

7. Video and Movie Catalogs

movies and tv series at Video Collection

If your idea of fun is tucking in with the a/c, invest in those classic movies you’ve been meaning to watch, or buy that tv series for some popcorn and soda binge-watching. Music and movie catalogs have all kinds of hard-to-find viewing, from British television shows, to vintage Hollywood movies and class Disney movies for the kids.

6. Art Supply Wholesale Club

Art Supply Wholesale Club summer catalog

Summer is the best time to pack up your paints and indulge in a long day of pleine aire creativity. Buy some canvases that are not too large to transport easily, a portable easel, and brushes. If you feel particularly productive – and skilled – paint enough canvases to setup a little booth at an end-of-summer art fair. Fun!

5. WEBS – America’s Yarn Store

WEBS catalog

Summer is the perfect time to put your feet up and indulge in your craft passion. If you are a knitter or crocheter, pick up beautiful yarns on sale and get an early, pressure-free start on holiday gifts, going away to college afghans, and trendy fall sweaters. You can find everything you need at Webs, including downloadable patterns, needles, and needlework supplies.

4. Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast

Doheny's pool supply catalog

Did too many summers take all the fun out of your pool? Shop Doheny’s for an affordable new pool liner that will have you enjoying the water again. Do-it-yourself pool maintenance is easy with discount supplies from Doheny’s, and your friends and neighbors will appreciate that regular Saturday pool party!

3. Moosineer

Moosineer outdoor fun catalog

Get the gear for your summer adventure, and have fun, stay safe, and be comfortable. If you are into camping, hiking, or adventure-neering, Moosiner has tents, sleeping bags, firestarters, and food… plus the outdoor cookware and camp stoves you need to get your gourmet on under the stars.

2. Pau Hana

Pau Hana summer catalog

Water sports and summer fun go hand-in-hand. If your summer sport is standup paddleboarding, you will love the boards, accessories, and apparel at Pau Hana. They have inflatables as well as traditional SUPs, and performance gear for fishing, racing, or purely recreational paddling.

1. White’s Electronics

White's Electronics catalog

We admit it, we are nerd-ing out. Nothing has ever sounded as fun as metal detecting our way through long summer day. Whether you hit the beach in the early morning to see what treasures were lost by the previous day’s sunbathers, or scour historic sites for antique coins and buttons, White’s Electronics has the right size metal detector for your experience level. And your dedication to treasure-hunting.

by Info Guru Samantha Rose

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