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What are the Best Gifts Any Bookworm Will Appreciate?

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Need to buy a gift for a bookworm? Just get them a book! Easy, right? Is it though?

Book lovers will always get excited to get a book-shaped gift wrapped in colorful paper and ribbons. Therefore, it may seem like a safe choice to give them anything from a classic love story to the latest gripping thriller. 

However, any bibliophile worth their salt has read more books than most people can name. So, how can you be so sure that they haven’t already read the book you have your eyes on? Sure, they will probably not make it a big deal and still thank you for another copy of the book they’ve already read, but don’t you want something that they truly appreciate? 

To add to that, they probably already have an overflowing bookshelf with unread books and a mental to-do list they already need to cover. Giving them another new book will only add to their already never-ending list.

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Instead, get them something unique. Following are some gifts that aren’t books, but your bookworm friend will totally love these products. 

Some Flowers Scattered over an Open Book Next to a Cup of Tea

Book Lists Scratch Posters

On average, a bookworm loves lists 10 times more than a normal person (yes, we just made up those statistics). Therefore, scratch posters are the perfect gift for book lovers. They probably already set themselves for new challenges every week through book clubs and Goodreads. However, having a tangible list that they can scratch off every time they finish a book will give them a different kind of satisfaction. These book-themed scratch posters normally include classic books and titles written by authors with considerable talent. This will offer bookworms a visual list of good books to complete. 

Reading Journals

Not too long ago, journals and diaries were used as a means to record people’s thoughts, emotions, and day-to-day events and activities. However, journaling has now become a form of art and encompasses so much more. People can now curate it with pages of notes. This includes pictures, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia to make things more interesting. 

Guided journals with different themes, including gratitude, self-love, self-awareness, and so much more, are being created to make the journaling process easier for people. Therefore, you can also find reading journals in which book nerds can write their inner thoughts about the novels they are reading and specific characters or plot lines. Journaling of any kind has tremendous mental benefits. And a bookworm, writing about how they feel while reading a certain book is an experience they will definitely cherish. 

Decorative Book Ends

A Leaf Being Used as a Bookmark
A bookworm’s collection is never complete without a stylish set of bookends. Not only will these help them tame their over-crammed and overflowing bookshelves and prevent their book collection from spreading across to other surfaces, but a nice set of bookends will allow them to take some Instagram-worthy shots of their books. And who will they think of every time someone appreciates their bookends? That’s right. You! However, make sure to get them something unique that also matches the general theme of their interior. This will give them a beautiful display that will help them keep all of their favorite books in a neat and orderly fashion without seeming out of place.


Just like books, a bookworm can never have enough bookmarks. In fact, most bookworms are known for their versatility with bookmarks. From wrapping papers to gift vouchers to used ticket stubs, receipts, old flowers, leaves, rulers, and even pens, you can find whatever was close by tucked neatly between their books. However, this doesn’t mean that a nice bookmark won’t be appreciated. 

The more bookmarks they have, the happier they’d be while choosing one for their next read instead of repeating the same one over and over again. Unlike books, buying bookmarks is a much safer choice. With so many different designs out there, chances are low that you’ll get them something they already have. This Finger Point Bookmark will not just help them mark the page they’re on but will allow them to point it to the specific line they finished reading. 

Book-Themed Shirts

Nothing shows your interest better than your choice of clothing. Book fandom is real and every bookworm wants to be a part of it. To make this easier for them, give them a book-themed t-shit to highlight their fictional allegiance or to proudly promote their reading preferences to the world. You can either give them t-shirts referring quotes and themes from specific books or book series they are obsessed with, or give them shirts that reveal their bookish sides with quotes such as, “I’d rather be reading.”, “You had me at books,”, or “Reading will take you everywhere.”

Shakespearean Insult Poster

And what would make book lovers happier than being proud in Shakespearean insults? This Odyssey of verbal swordplay includes classic insults such as “More of your conversation would infect my brain”, “I was seeking for a fool when I found you”, and “You Banbury cheese!” All of these come designed in a colorful poster that will look good anywhere and will make for a great conversation-starter. Of course, they will probably be swearing in Shakespeare for ages to come, so don’t complain about it. You’re the one who started it! 

Book Bath Caddy 

“Sit back and relax with a good book” gets a whole new meaning with this Book Bath Caddy. It can be effortlessly balanced on a bathtub and can easily house a book, a glass of wine, and all the bathing essentials one may need. It is beautifully constructed out of natural bamboo and chrome-plated steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. Trust us; your bookworm friend would love you for this gift! 

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So next time you’re trying to buy a gift for a bookworm, skip out on the classic books that they most probably already have, and buy them one of these. Or buy these for yourself if you like!


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