Appreciate mom at Christmas with a gift tailored just for her.

Appreciate mom at Christmas with a gift tailored just for her.

No one deserves more appreciation around the holidays than mom. She gives so much throughout the year and asks for very little in return. Yet, she can also be the hardest person to shop for when it comes to gifts for mom for Christmas. With so many gift selection ideas, where do you start? You can choose to shop or make handmade gifts for mom with these tips:

  • Shop Online – which is great if you know exactly what you want. Online ordering is quick and easy. Gifts are wrapped and mailed to arrive around Christmas making gift giving a snap.
  • Through catalogs – Gift catalogs are a leisurely way to sift through the enormous amounts of gift items available. Pour yourself a cup of coffee; sit back in your favorite chair and leaf through your favorite catalog. You are sure to come up with great ideas with gifts for mom for Christmas.
  • The department store or mall – lets you spend the day window shopping and admiring the store’s Christmas decorations. From Christmas carols, to Santa to bright ornaments on holiday trees, you can get the whole holiday experience while strolling through the store.
  • Make your own Christmas gift creation – put some thought into it and get your creative juices flowing with a one-of-a-kind gift for mom. There are some easy to make ideas with outstanding results!

Above all, remember that selecting the perfect gift for mom should be fun and come from the heart. Mothers love sentimental gifts that she can treasure throughout the year.  So when you are ready to do your shopping, here are some age appropriate gifts for mom for Christmas. Whether a young child, teen or grown adult these gift ideas are sure to delight mom.


Small children – Nothing brings tears of joy to a mother more than a handmade gift from their young child. Gift ideas include porcelain ornaments that are hand painted by youngsters to decorate the tree year after year. How about a 5 year old’s handprint sealed in a cast of plaster with a bow tied at the top to hang on the wall? A mother can cherish these precious memorabilia forever.

Teens – The teenage years can take their toll on mom. A great way for teens to pamper mom is to surprise her with a gift certificate for a day at the spa. An afternoon away for a massage, pedicure or manicure can be just what mom needs. Teens can also find out what mom’s long lost hobbies are and rekindle her desire to pursue her passions. Whether she enjoys painting, knitting, keeping a journal or stamping, surprise her with the supplies she would need.

Adult children – Start with a family portrait for mom’s living room wall as a nice touch. It’s hard enough getting families together at the same time, so a portrait will be just the thing that brings everyone together. Another idea is a ring depicting the birthstones of all the family siblings – this will be destined to be her prize piece of jewelry.  Gourmet food baskets filled with all of mom’s favorite goodies will also make a big hit.

Show gratitude for mom for all she does with these special gifts for mom for Christmas. These gift ideas are affordable, yet will hold a special place in mom’s heart for years to come. Sentimental gifts that keep families close together is the gift choice for mom.