Gifts for Spiritual People

gifts for spiritual peopleby Info Guru Angela K. Van Winkle

Sometimes you just want to give a gift that speaks to someone’s soul.

Whether your dear recipient is a devout Catholic or a free spirit, here are ten great gift ideas to encourage them on their path.

10. Day Planner

gifts for spiritual people

An inspirational day planner is an encouraging and practical gift they will use all through the year. Filled with daily quotes and affirmations, beautiful artwork, and important religious dates, it will not only help them remember that pesky dentist’s appointment, but will be a daily reminder to focus on the important things in life.

9. Rosary or Prayer Beads

gifts for spiritual people

A Catholic rosary or string of Buddhist prayer beads (called malas) is an essential meditative tool used for inspiration and tracking prayers and mantras. This thoughtful option is great for the devoted follower or one who you know is just starting on their path within these particular faiths.

8. Inspirational Wall Quotes

gifts for spiritual people

A great option for a friend or loved one who recently purchased a home or is remodeling or redecorating, wall quotes come in a wide variety of styles and inspiring origins. Whether it’s a quote from the Dalai Lama or your loved one’s favorite author, you’re sure to find just the thing.

7. Incense Holder

gifts for spiritual people

Appeal to their senses with a beautiful natural incense holder and maybe a bit of their favorite incense. Abalone shells like this one are typically used to hold either smudge sticks as they smolder, or to burn powders and resins (or cones, but not sticks) on little charcoal discs nestled in sand. It’s the perfect accessory for the spiritually-minded.

6. A Bag for Your Mystic Traveler

gifts for spiritual people

Even on a spiritual journey, one must have a way to tote their belongings. If your soul-sister or brother is footloose and fancy-free, get them a handbag that speaks to who they are as a person.

5. Religious Tapestry

gifts for spiritual people

You want to get something beautiful for your beloved’s wall, something transcendent and transformative to the space in which you know they’ll hang your offering. Posters and paintings are all well and good, but to truly take it up a notch, go with a divine tapestry with which to deck their halls. This is a gift they can truly cherish for years to come.

4. Jewelry

gifts for spiritual people

It’s no secret that religious and inspirational jewelry is one of the most personal gift options there is. To wear a symbol of your faith on your body, close to the skin, is perhaps the most traditional way of proclaiming your spiritual identity, and a constant and intimate reminder of your divine path.

3. Garden Decor

gifts for spiritual people

It is true that spirituality is a very personal and internal thing, but it is also true that we mere mortals draw much of our inspiration from nature itself. If you are buying for someone who gardens or is considering starting a garden, why not give them a lovely garden statue or other piece of contemplative garden art for their outdoor sanctuary?

2. Religious Literature

gifts for spiritual people

For the religious scholar, or spiritual inquirer, as the case may be, literature may be the only answer. Whether it be a book of religious artwork or a history of religions around the world, the soul-seeker in your life is sure to appreciate these ancient (or contemporary) words of wisdom.

1. Meditative Arts & Crafts

gifts for spiritual people

Not all spiritual work is cerebral; sometimes you just need to do something to get yourself into the right mindset. Inspirational arts and crafts may be just the thing! Coloring books featuring mandalas and divine symbols, counted cross-stitch with an inspiring message, or other hands-on meditative crafts will give your gift recipient an outlet to express themselves and get creative.

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