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Gifts for Tea Drinkers

By Editorial Staff

tea drinkers giftsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Shopping for a tea lover is more challenging than it may appear.

The most obvious presents – a pretty cup or nice pot – are bound to be redundant. Plus, we’re talking about a drink people love for its simplicity; there aren’t many bells and whistles

These gifts for tea drinkers include a few nice-to-have indulgences and accessories that turn enjoying a hot cuppa into an art.

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10. Cozies

tea cozies

If this drink has one flaw it’s that it doesn’t stay that perfect hot, but drinkable temperature for long. It passes so fast there’s hardly time to sip and savor. Not anymore! Tea cozies keep drinks warm much longer. They’re typically knitted and shaped like a dome in standard sizes to retain the heat in cups and pots much longer.

9. Iron teapot

Iron teapot

If your recipient has a bad habit of microwaving her cups, give her the tools to change her bad-brewing ways. A Japanese-style cast iron teapot will encourage her to try traditional methods and taste the difference. It will also keep the drink warm much longer.

8. Gift basket

Gift basket

It’s the little things that make gifts for tea drinkers special. Individually, a new box of Chamomille or lemon leaves, shortbread cookies, honey candies and a bar of organic chocolate are all perfect treats. Put them all together in one gourmet gift basket and you’re about to make someone very happy.

7. Infusers with personality

Infusers with personality

She’ll stand out at tea time sporting a unique infuser. From funky ones with a shark fin designed to float around/ haunt your tea cup, to a little guy wearing infuser pants who likes to hang out in your favorite mug. Changing up the routine will make the whole experience feel fresh again.

6. Organizer


For the type-A in your life, a kitchen organizer is a simple tool for storing and organizing different types of tea bags. This will help reduce the mountains of half empty boxes and allow her to choose from a wide variety in one glance. Also good for anyone living in a small space be it a tiny city apartment or college dorm.

5. Day off

Day off

This is among the most relaxing drinks. Some types soothe aches and sore throats, others relax muscles or calm nerves. Chances are your recipient would love to have a full work-free day to kick back, read, people watch and, yes, drink tea. Take it upon yourself to forbid her from doing dishes, cooking or cleaning of any sort.

4. Loose leaf blend

Loose leaf blend

It’s always fun to introduce someone to a new tea blend. Look for a botanic brand your recipient wouldn’t normally purchase or a type of leaf she hasn’t tried yet. Note if she prefers herbal or strong brews and introduce her to a new flavor with familiar characteristics.

3. Spoons you can eat

Spoons you can eat

She enjoys curling up with a warm cup of Jasmine tea, but she also loves a crazy indulgence every now and then. Delicious varieties of stirring spoons include those filled with hardened honey, chocolate and other sweet treats. Once the sugary goodness is dissolved and long in her belly, she’ll have a nice new stirrer to boot.

2. Tasty spreads

Tasty spreads

This isn’t just a drink we’re talking about. For many it’s a highlight of the day, a time to step away from work and duties and enjoy the company of good friends. Nothing goes better with friends and a good brew like tasty snacks. Traditional favorites include jams, marmalade and fruit curds with biscuits, crackers or scones.

1. Vintage tin

Vintage tin

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The best gifts for tea drinkers fit the endearing traits many of them have. For instance, many share an appreciation of history. How could they not? They enjoy the same beverage people were drinking in China 4,000 years ago. Scour flea markets and yard sales for a unique vintage tea to hold their favorite blends. If it has a story behind it all the better.


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