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Gifts for Wiccans

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

wiccan giftsContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Some call themselves wiccans. Others, followers of the old ways. And some, witches. The practices may differ, but across all three, there is a reverence for the earth and a commitment to do no harm. And all three appreciate gifts, lovingly selected to enhance their practice.

If you’re unsure what to buy for an earth-loving man or woman in your life, here are ten ideas for gifts for Wiccans, witches and other followers of the ancient ways.

10. The gift of light

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lit candles

Whether it’s to purify a space, illuminate a meditation or aid in spell casting, candles are important. That’s why candles are a wonderful choice when you’re looking for gifts for wiccans. Choose all natural, solid color candles in basic hues like white, yellow, pink, blue, purple, red, and black, rather than decorated or multi-color candles so they can be used in a variety of situations.

9. Gift for a handfasting


A Wiccan wedding ceremony is called a handfasting. If you’re invited to celebrate with the happy couple, consider a gift that will symbolize their union. Matching jewelry, pairs of candlesticks, or a pair of decorative boxes for personal or ritual items are all sweet ways to celebrate the new couple.

8. Altar and ritual gifts


Much of the ritual work of Wiccans involved a few simple, but very symbolic tools. A chalice, an athame (ritual knife), a bowl for burning herbs or a beautiful altar cloth are all excellent choices. Just make sure that they don’t already have a favorite ritual item before you buy a new one.

If you’re not sure what they have or would prefer (or you’re not a practioner yourself), a gift certificate to a ritual supply shop you know they love is always a good option.

7. Tarot

Steampunk tarot card deck from the Pyramid Collection

Not all Wiccans work with Tarot cards, but it is a very popular tool within the practice. A new Tarot deck or a book to enhance one’s understanding of Tarot readings are wonderful gifts for the natural arts practioners in your life. Want to make it extra special? Tarot decks are now available in a wide variety of themes from fantasy to Steampunk, so select a deck that matches their personal style, too.

6. Jewelry

Pentacle necklace

Where once religious jewelry was limited to whole lot of crosses and a few Stars of David, there are now a whole host of religious practices celebrated in silver, gold and precious stones. For your Wiccan friends, look for a tree of life, the triad (which represents maiden, mother, crone), a pentacle or perhaps a necklace engraved with “Blessed Be.”

5. Blank books

Most witches and Wiccan practioners are amazing record keepers. They record the herbs they plant and how they grew (or did not.) They write down which healing remedies worked, and which needed some additional tweaking. The record phases of the moon, and the affect on plants, people and casting.

That means a new blank book to use as a grimoire is always a welcome gift. Choose one with a nature theme, or opt for a plain book that they can personalize. Larger format books are generally better… recording the habits of plants and seasons can quickly fill up small pages…and small books!

4. Mystical home decor

Goddess tapestry

We all love to surround ourselves with things that represent our higher callings. Witches and wiccans are no exception. Look for wall art, woven tapestries or other home decor that features the beauty of nature, goddesses, their spirit animal or symbols of the Wiccan faith.

If your friend is concerned about people knowing what they practice (sadly, often an issue especially in small towns or certain professions), keep the images somewhat generic. So owls or trees would work…pentagrams probably not so much.

3. Workshops and classes


Committed practioners are always interested in learning more about their craft, especially if they’re a solitary witch. Workshops and classes in person or online are a wonderful way to learn and connect with other believers.

If they mention wishing they knew more about a certain topic like herbal healing, look for classes to meet that need. Or just surprise them with a gift certificate to a trusted Wiccan or Pagan school so they can select the classes they most need.

2. Robes and ritual clothing

long white gown

Robes and wraps in beautiful colors are another welcome gift. Find out if your friend or family member has any color or style preferences (and no, most do NOT wear the scary black robes Hollywood so loves to portray!) You can find solid colored robes or flowing dresses in many church supply stores as well as in Pagan supply catalogs and shops. Silk wraps and saris are also popular with many female witches, Wiccans and Pagans.

1. Herbs and other spell supplies

Potted basil on table

Most Wiccan work is focused on healing, especially with herbs. A gift of fresh, growing herbs or a selection of herb seeds is a wonderful choice for a festival, birthday or wedding gift. Don’t worry about finding rare herbs…common choices like parsley and basil are just as appreciated. Add a beautiful book on herbalism and this is a gift your Wiccan friend will treasure.

Hint: For a housewarming, a gift of rosemary to plant by the front door will be especially prized.

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If you’re not familiar with Wiccan or Pagen practices, do some research before you head out to shop. With a little reading, even a beginner can find the perfect gift.


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