doctor spouse giftsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Nobody knows how hard doctors work like their spouses do.

Long hours in high pressure situations are what they sign up for. At home, family time is top priority. Gifts that pamper, add to their readiness at work or enhance free time will all be much appreciated.

Here are the best gifts for your doctor spouse.

10. Engraved stethoscope

Engraved stethoscope

Stethoscopes and other medical supplies are long lasting and certainly gifts that’ll get a lot of use. Have a stethoscope engraved so colleagues can’t “accidentally” walk away it and personalize it with her favorite color. Every time your spouse puts it on, she’ll think of you.

9. Subscription box

Subscription box

Subscription clubs mail a package of themed items every one to three months. This gives the recipient something to look forward to and makes for a nice surprise when it finally arrives. Popular themes are healthy snacks, shaving supplies, jerky, fashion and nerdy fun.

8. Collectibles


Years of grueling work and studying later, they’ve finally earned the title. Anything with their name plus M.D. is thrilling. Medical themed collectibles and keepsakes from engraved office clocks, to holiday ornaments and name plates are thoughtful tokens for someone who’s accomplished their dream.

7. Reliable watch

Reliable watch

The best gifts for doctor spouse are practical and stylish. A reliable watch ensures they never miss an appointment or your son’s baseball game. Medical watches are more expensive, but they provide additional useful features like a pulse meter and modular pieces that break apart for disinfecting.

6. Scrubs


While not the most stylish type of apparel, medical scrubs are a fact of life for those who choose a medical profession. But they’re not all created equal. Check with the hospital or place of work on guidelines (some color code) and surprise her with a comfortable set that’ll move when she does.

5. Medical bag

Medical bag

At work your spouse is constantly on the go. A medical bag helps her keep the instruments she relies on to do her job all in one place as she travels back and forth from the hospital to clinic to home and back again. For fun, fill it with treats to help get her through those long nights – chocolate covered coffee beans, coconut water, a favorite candy or small notebook and pen.

4. Shoes


It’s easy to over think gifts for doctor spouse. Sometimes the best choices are the most obvious ones. When seeing patients, they’re on their feet for the majority of the day! Comfortable, lightweight sneakers with good tread are essential. Show your support with a new pair of shoes designed to keep up.

3. Lab coat

Lab coat

She deserves to feel well put together. Many residencies and practices give new doctors long coats, but you probably already know the wear and tear shows in no time. A new medical long lab coat looks more professional and gives a boost of confidence. Many vendors will embroider initial or names for a small fee.

2. Hobby gear

Hobby gear

Fun gifts celebrate interests beyond his career. How about a little something to help share those interests with the family? A new sleeping bag for camping, a tool for the wood shop or bike helmets for family bike rides may be just what the doc ordered.

1. Getaway


What to get a person who has everything? A chance to get away from everything but you, of course. Check the schedule before you book or purchase a vacation voucher from a social shopping site and let your spouse choose what dates will work. The broad range of options may include anything from a few days of hot springs hopping in Iceland to relaxing on a Caribbean beach.