Gifts with style

gifts with styleContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

When talking about giving someone gifts with style, there are many different directions we can take.

Of course, the main direction is that the present must be something that the recipient has an interest in. Finding out what your intended likes and then getting the best possible version of that is one way to really do it with a sense of style. There are other items that have that same style all on their own. Without further ado, the best of the best.

Crystal flowers

Unusual gifts have a special impact

crystal flowers

One of the cooler gifts around is something that just isn’t seen everyday. Crystal flowers are a great present because they are unusual and people haven’t seen them in everyone’s home. If the right selection is made they can really exude class. The Paragon is one place where you will be able to find a wide selection of these kinds of items.

Home Theater System

Give the gift of sound

home theater

If you want to go with a gift that is a bit pricier but definitely has quite a bit of style, then you should go with a home theater system. Of course, if you go with this kind of an item, you should go with the top of the line, that is usable with Blu-ray players and high class stereos. Newegg has a ton of great choices when it comes to a home stereo that you know will be the best of the best.

Top-of-the-Line Cigars

For the discerning smoker


If the person you are attempting to give a gift to has an affection for a good smoke, then cigars are always a pretty good bet. Of course, just like the home stereo you don’t want to go with just any old cigar you can find at your local gas station. Go with the top of the line smokes and you will truly be giving something that will be appreciated. Don’t forgot all of the other little goodies that come along with cigars including cutters and lighters.

Stylish Barware

Give a classy bar setup

Ralph Lauren drinkware

Whenever settles down with a good cigar, they may also want to have a good stiff drink right along with it. If you really want to give someone something with some serious class you should go with some fantastic looking drinkware. This isn’t the highball glasses that you can get at the local superstore. Crystal glasses come from some of the finest and fanciest stores around. You can find some really great barware if you look in the right places.


From the video to the tickets

If you really want to wow someone with a gift with great style, why not surprise them with tickets and accomodations to a place they’ve always wanted to visit? To make it more fun, start with a couple of videos from the Travel Video Store, including of course one from the destination. If you’re giving the gift in person, suggest that you watch it together, and then hand them the rest of the present at the end. If it’s a long distance gift, ask them to call you after they watch and then give them the news.

Gourmet Cheese Selection

Because cheese is always good!


In order to close out the list of the coolest presents you could give is a selection of some of the best cheeses around. The best part is that there really isn’t any kind of food that goes along with a great wine like a great cheese. There are all kinds of different high end cheeses that will make a great gift, whether you are talking about Christmas or just as a way to show you care.

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