gifts you can sendContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

When you get married and move away from home, or your kids go off to college, or you get that long awaited job promotion only to have your relationship become “long distance,” suddenly you realize that birthdays and holidays just got even more complicated.

10. Cookies


Nothing completes a “care package” like a dozen cookies at your door. Whether your beloved prefers chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal raisin cookies, the gift of cookies is a comforting reminder that you still care.

9. Aromatic Bath Products

Aromatic Bath Products

When distance separates you from the person you love, send them a box of aromatic bath products. You may not be able to wrap your arms around them and pull them into a warm hug, but they can at least step into a warm bath, breathe in the bloom of fresh lavender or vanilla while they count down the moments until you can be together.

8. Gourmet Desserts


Nothing dries the tears of separation like chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, or some exotic combination (or, better yet, some of each!) will be a welcome distraction.

7. Music


Remember that song that you sang to her that time? The one that made her forget she was mad at you? The one that still makes her smile? Send it to her now. Make it easy for her to listen on the go by adding an Mp3 player to the gift. Pick it out online and send it so she can load it with all the songs that remind her of you two.

6. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of those things that’s small enough to send easily through the mail, but meaningful enough to say “I care” to the lucky recipient. With all things Celtic popular in fashion and accessories, a piece of authentic Celtic jewelry is sure to be a great choice for a birthday, graduation or holiday gift.

5. Socks


Warm socks are a gift that says that you remember how, even in late August, her feet get cold. It says that you want to take care of her and she can count on you. When you can’t be there to help thaw her icy feet, something to keep her tootsies toasty will also warm her heart.

4. Tea


Tea has restorative powers that can set right a medley of wrongs. Even time and distance can seem a bit more manageable after a bracing cup of English Breakfast Tea.

3. Fruit


College students cannot be counted on to do their own laundry or eat healthy. But a care package, full of fresh fruit will remind them to eat at least one healthy thing a day. It might also remind them of some of your other wise advice. If nothing else, you can reassure yourself that your precious baby won’t starve to death before he brings home his next load of laundry.

2. Cheese


If you are still worried that your child will be found emaciated in his dorm room, you can help fill his fridge with some cheese. When he opens the package, it will be like when he was two years old and did an enthusiastic “Cheese Dance” every time you went into the kitchen in an effort to con you out of yet another wedge of cheddar.

1. Photo Blanket

Photo Blanket

When four states and countless miles stand between a grandmother and her grandchildren, it calls for drastic measures. If grandma can’t see her grandbabies every day, make sure she can at least wrap herself in their warm hug with a photo blanket. She can enjoy all the sweet smiles … without the sticky fingers or temper tantrums.

You can’t always be with the ones you love, but you can send gifts as loving reminders that you care, that you are thinking of them, and that you are counting the minutes until you can be together again.