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What is golf etiquette for kids

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Golf etiquette for kids lays the foundation to adhering to the rules of the game

Golf etiquette for kids lays the foundation to adhering to the rules of the game

Is golf etiquette for kids just as important as playing by the rules? Yes! In many instances, it’s how one acts, how they conduct themselves on the course which can be just as important. Safety, courtesy, and common sense play a large role in these unwritten rules of etiquette.

For the most part, the game is played without the need of a referee or an umpire. So, it’s of utmost importance for those who play to show both integrity and the will to abide by the rules of the game. To impart this wisdom of the game early on in children and younger players — by showing consideration for other players on the course while still honing one’s craft — is paramount to success.

So, let’s pass on that spirit of integrity to a new generation, shall we? Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the “unofficial” etiquette rules for our younger players intent about on bringing out the best in themselves and in the game they so love. 

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Tips from the USGA

The United States Golf Association (USGA) offers fantastic tips and techniques for young children looking to get the most of their experience, their effort and their golf equipment. Most — if not all — are common sense rules and should be fairly easy to digest and implement into one’s game.

Let’s start with an easy one: never swing your club when near another person and never hit the ball if someone is in its path. Both instances can result in serious bodily injury. As many lifetime players have heard probably about a thousand times by now, if you happen to knock a ball in the direction of someone unintentionally, shout a loud warning. According to the USGA and players everywhere, the traditional warning call is that of “F-O-R-E!” It is fun to say but hopefully you won’t be saying it too much!


Secondly, be sure to understand — and show consideration to — other players on the course: don’t move unnecessarily, talk, or make any extra noises during play. You wouldn’t want a sudden noise to startle you just as you were lining up that perfect shot, would you? So don’t do it to others on the course with you.

The Pace of Play

It’s always important — and jsimply common courtesy — to keep one’s pace of play on the greens at a steady clip. If you, or your group, are taking too much time to play through a hole, let the group behind play through. You’ll not only ingratiate yourself to them and still be allowed to move at your own potentially unhurried pace. And, after the play on the particular hole is complete, the USGA states that all players should mosey (a better word: move quickly) away from the putting green and head to the next hole. Those USGA cats sure are sticklers, aren’t they?

Care for the Course, Please

You’ve already gone to your friendly online kid’s golf store to get the essential items for play, so now it’s time to head out and enjoy a quaint summer afternoon out on the course. Here are a few tips to keep the course beautiful, pristine, and unblemished after your fun day out on the greens:

  • The player should leave the bunker as they found it: fill and smooth over any holes, footprints, or other such blemishes before heading out (with a nearby rake, if necessary);
  • Players should repair (replace) any and all divots — those large clumps of grass which can fly into the air after a practice swing or long drive — made by them during play;
  • Players should avoid causing any unnecessary damage to the course, whether it be through anger after a poor shot or due to a practice swing gone awry; and
  • They shouldn’t lean on their clubs during play on the putting green, too, which can leave impressions in the grass!
Let’s Play!

In the end, imparting golf etiquette for kids should just be a part of the learning process. Many of the aforementioned tips are common sense safety issues which can be just as important for children to learn as the actual rules of the game. And, for more information direct from the source, head over to to learn about all things golf-related: rules, equipment, clubs and courses, course care, membership options, and much more.

The weather’s perfect, the greens are pristine, and the stage is set for a very lovely, relaxing, and enjoyable (learning) experience for all ages. So, get out there today and play to your heart’s content!

Resources: Teaching Kids Golf Etiquette.

USGA,org: Golf Etiquette 101.

Above photo attributed to SteveHersh


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