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What you need for gourmet grilling

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Become a master by knowing what you need for gourmet grilling

Become a master by knowing what you need for gourmet grilling

Grilling is the perfect accompaniment to a warm summer day, family and friends gathered to share laughs and drinks and soak up the summer rays. For many of us, these times cooking for our closest friends and family are what make life worth living. Whether you’re just starting out your culinary career or have been at it for years now, there can still be much learning to be had.

For those looking to up their “grill game” to even juicier meats, more flavorful food, and an overall gourmet grilling aesthetic, look no further. Below, we’ll take a look at tips, guides, resources, and most importantly — grills —  in order to help you create more flavorful dishes, faster cooking times, and, in the end, happier guests!

Tips for Aspiring Cooks

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There are a variety of cooking books, online sites, and TV shows which can be good starter guides for those looking to enter into the realm of true gourmet grilling. Tips from Eating Well, best backyard barbeque recipes from Food Network, and advice from professionals at Better Homes and Gardens can be great jumping-off points for prospective cooks.

BHG offers a variety of information on the grill sub-culture, as well. They cover burgers, chicken, fish, ribs, steak, and so much more. Pros like Jamie Purviance and Elizabeth Karmel offer tips for cooks; times, temperatures, and other such free charts can be found on-site for meat and veggies, in addition.


As mentioned previously, Food Network offers more than just recipes on their website. Their Grilling Central spot offers professional advice, guides, menus, healthy alternatives, tips and how-to’s, videos, and much, much more! For those looking to branch out, improve their craft, or simply learn something new about the cooking art form, any of these spots can provide just that.

When it comes down to it, though, the actual grill is one of the most important aspects of preparing great dishes. There are a variety of different options when it comes to purchasing a grill and accessories for barbequing.

Below, let’s take a basic look at the old “gas vs. charcoal” debate and then move into slightly more technologically advanced machinery, shall we? Tips and recipes aside, the grill itself is a huge part of the overall cooking aesthetic.

Gas vs. Charcoal

While there have been no definitive studies done to prove which method is actually “better,” two things are relatively certain:

  1. Gas burns more cleanly than charcoal; charcoal grills tend to put out particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and soot during the cooking process, which increases pollution and ground-level readings of ozone.
  2. With that being said, most people do prefer — solely from a taste perspective — barbeque which comes from a charcoal grill.
Most people think that charcoal provides a smokier and richer taste when compared to that of the gas grill. Most experts and diners agree. But what about advances in gas grills during recent years?

The TRU-Infrared Experience

Grills such as the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared grills offer options for those looking to best traditional gas grills in terms of flavor, cooking time, and all-around better results. So, what exactly is TRU-infrared?

TRU-Infrared grills offer cooks ways in which to create juicier, more flavorful food in less time. Instead of using convective heat in order to cook food (like traditional gas grills) the TRU-Infrared variety actually limits hot air flow by cooking your food directly (using natural, radiant heat). This allows for 100 percent even distribution of said heat on your food, less fuel usage, faster cooking times, and much better tasting food.

The “What is TRU-infrared” link out provides videos on the subject matter and the science behind its technological advances. These TRU-Infrared barbeque dishes tend to provide more flavor, retain their juices better, and don’t dry out by the time they hit the plates for your guests. There, you’ll also be able to link out to all of the TRU-Infrared products on the market today.

The food will be better, your guests will go home happy and satiated, and you’ll be the top chef. So, get out as the weather warms and create something new, different, and flavorful — Something truly gourmet!


Eating Well: 13 Best Grilling Tips.

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