gourmet cookiesby Catalogs.com Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

‘Tis the season for most people to indulge their sweet tooth when it comes to gift giving.

The holiday season is the time of year when there are all kinds of delicious candies, cookies, cakes and pies eaten when people get together for a celebration. There are also plenty of sweets that are sent through the mail this time of year as. People love to be able to open a package and chow down, especially because this time of year is so often thought of the time of year when diets can be thrown out – if just for a moment. If you want to send something truly tasty as a gift, then you need to look no further than this article – here are the top ten gourmet cookie gift ideas you can send to someone special.

10. Chocolate Cookie Spreads

cookie spreads

Okay, we’ll start right off with a bit of a spin on the “cookie” concept. Try cookie spreads inside your holiday packages for a treat that adds great cookie flavor to ice cream, waffles, even a piece of bread. When your special someone opens that box, their mouths will immediately begin to water.

9. Swiss Colony’s Holiday Cookie Tins

Swiss Colony’s Holiday Cookie Tins

When you go with the Swiss Colony Holiday Cookie Tin, you can pick and choose how many different types of cookies to send, anywhere from one pound to 3.25 pounds, perfect for that special someone.

8. Cookies By Design Gift Baskets

Cookies By Design Gift Baskets

Cookies by Design offers up a Merry Christmas cookie gift basket that features a number of Christmas characters that look great and taste great too. There are a number of options you have about the size of the basket.

7. Mrs. Fields Santa Express Mailbox

Mrs. Fields Santa Express Mailbox

The well known cookie company, Mrs. Fields, offers up a unique way to send cookies, thanks to a box that is actually shaped like Santa’s mailbox, complete with postal flag.

6. Fruit Cake Cookies

Eilenberger’s Fruit Cake Cookies

Fruit Cake has long been a staple of the Holiday season and Pecan Fruit Cake cookies can be shipped in either two pound or three pound selections. The rare time when someone will love getting something like a fruit cake.

5. Fruit Filled Cookies

Fruit Filled Cookies

There is just something about these fruit filled cookies that seems to scream “eat me during the Holidays!” Sending these to that special someone will get them a box of twelve of these gourmet treats filled with strawberry, apricot or peach.

4. Wine Country Ugly Sweater Cookies

Wine Country Ugly Sweater Cookies

It’s long been a Christmas tradition to give people some truly ugly sweaters. Now you can send these cookies, which have some ugly sweater designs to that special someone with a sense of humor and appreciation for tongue-in-cheek fashion. The pack has five different designs to be enjoyed.

3. More Fruit Cake Cookies

Mary of Puddin Hill Fruit Cake Cookies

Yes, you’re reading that right. There are actually a number of companies that are offering fruit cake cookies on this list, this holiday season, because you shouldn’t stop with one. The many selections offer options that are quite tasty and that can give that traditional Christmas treat a new edge.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Café Britt Chocolate Chip Cookies

While most coffee shops are best known for their coffee products, they also often offer wonderful bags of tasty cookies like these chocolate chip wonders. You can make this a package deal with the cookies and a bag of their awesome coffee flavors.

1. Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Many online fruit catalogs offer a truly awesome seasonal selection of Christmas cookies to send your loved one. As an added bonus, these treats come in a specially decorated box and you can choose a couple of different sizes when it comes to how many cookies you want to send.