Great casual men’s fashions

How to shop for the great casual men's fashions that are trendy and good looking

How to shop for the great casual men’s fashions that are trendy and good looking

What we wear tells other people a lot about who we are. Study after study proves that our attire and appearance are important in how people perceive and judge us. Make sure you are always putting your best foot forward and appearing stylish with these great casual mens fashions.


A pair of casual men’s shorts is a staple garment. They are perfect for a game of golf or a weekend lunch, or even for running errands around town. If you live in a warm climate, they?re absolutely necessary.

Forgo jean shorts, which are out of fashion. Go for khaki shorts, which are timeless and match shirts of nearly any color. Black or gray shorts are other excellent options to have in your wardrobe.  

Polo shirts

Several polo shirts are must-have articles of clothing for all men. Polo shirts are short-sleeved shirts with a collar, and they come in every color you can imagine. Most are one solid color, but others have stripes or other textures and patterns. It?s advisable to have a few classic colors, such as white and blue.

Depending on the occasion and season, you can spice it up with other colors, such as pastel pink or yellow. Polo shirts go perfectly with a pair of shorts, jeans, and with casual slacks.


Button-down shirt

One of the most important casual fashion staples for men is the cotton button-down shirt. Make sure to have at least one button-down short-sleeve shirt and one long-sleeve shirt. At least one white button-down garment is imperative to have, as it can be worn with any and all pants and jackets.

Once you’re ready to expand your wardrobe, consider buying shirts in other colors and some with stripes or patterns such as gingham. If you?re wearing a long-sleeve button-down shirt, one style choice to make it appear more casual is to roll up the sleeves. 

Fashionable T-shirt

You can never go wrong with a fashionable T-shirt when you’re going somewhere very casual. You should own several colors of plain T-shirts without any prints; it’s smart to always have a black, white, red, and blue shirt in your arsenal. It’s not a bad idea to have a few casual shirts with prints.

Avoid tacky shirts with sayings like “I’m with stupid.” Some stores offer shirts with more tasteful prints such as a vintage Beatles logo, or you can visit your local thrift stop to find a vintage gem.


A great pair of jeans goes a long way. Light wash jeans appear more casual, whereas dark wash jeans appear a little dressier. The most common styles for men are boot cut, relaxed, and straight leg, but the more fashionably daring may want to try slim fit, or even skinny jeans.

Another option is to get jeans that already look distressed, or worn in, though that look is only for casual occasions. 


Another must-have is a pair of pants, or slacks. Some clothiers now call them trousers, which was previously a British term. These pants come in a variety of colors, though the most common are black, navy, dark brown, and khaki. They?re the perfect match for a polo shirt, or even a button-up shirt if you need to dress up a bit.  

Loafers or boat shoes

Once you?re an adult, sneakers and tennis shoes should be reserved for the gym. Whether you?re wearing slacks or shorts, loafers and boat shoes are the footwear of choice. Boat shoes are characterized by laces, whereas loafers are slip-ons. A popular color for boat shoes is navy blue. Loafers vary from appearing very casual to extremely dressy, leaving you with countless options. The most common colors are brown or black.

Once you have each of these elements of style in your closet, you have endless options to mix and match. Based on the combination you choose, you can appear dressy casual or completely casual.

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