green giftsContributed by Lindsay Shugerman

Recent storms have made more people aware of the impact our choices might be having on the environment. From the mountains of gift wrap printed with often toxic inks, to gifts made to use and throw away, even our choices for holiday gifts can affect the earth.

But the good news is that it’s easier than ever to make earth-friendly choices when you’re shopping for Christmas gifts this year. To get you started, here’s my list of some of the best green gift ideas for Christmas.

Organic sheets and blankets

Give the gift of healthy sleep

best of green christmas gifts earthsake organic bedding

We spend somewhere between a third and half of our life sleeping, so it only makes sense that the linens and blankets we use should be organic. Why not give someone the gift of healthier sleep with a set of super-soft organic sheets, or a cuddly, warm organic blanket from Earthsake. After they experience soft organic linens, they may never want to sleep in regular bedding again!

Coffee that feeds the spirit

Make a statement with the coffee gift you give

bag of coffee beans

For many people, coffee is the staff of life, especially in the morning. Coffee gift baskets let you give coffee lovers a morning treat that’s supporting the spirit. Look for coffee that is grown, harvested and roasted in Venezuela’s Andes Mountains, following a 900 year old tradition.

That means your gift is the ultimate in fair trade coffee, with a generous dose of history thrown in.

Outdoor gifts for dogs, too

Outdoor gifts let pups join in on the hike

dog in weatherproof parka

Getting out and enjoying a long hike or an overnight camping trip can be a green way to spend leisure time. And thanks to In The Company of Dogs, your dog can join in on the forest fun. Choose warm coats, all-terrain and all weather booties, puppy hydration packs and more to get your canine friends ready for whatever the trail offers.

Tomatoes bring local produce home

Help them grown their own, keep it organic

best of green christmas gifts organic tomato seeds

They say that eating local produce is healthier, and what could be more local than your own back yard? Give the gift of organic tomato seeds, and you’ll also be giving the gift of increased self-sufficiency, access to truly local produce and zero transportation impact for the food they eat.

Organic gifts for Christmas babies

Healthier gifts from day one

Organic baby toys

Many educational toy stores have made a commitment to pick their toys and baby gear with company values in mind. That means they look for businesses near and far who demonstrate respect for Mother Earth, an employee-friendly workplace and a dedication to creating toys that inspire and educate babies and kids. And whenever possible, their very first choice includes companies committed to organic materials and processes to keep your little ones safe and sound.

Green candles in every color

Because green is about more than the shade you see

Natural travel candle

Give the scent of herbs, holidays, natural spaces or fragrant flowers without overwhelming anyone with heavy, fake perfumes when you select naturally scented candles from Aroma Naturals.

Their candles are scented with hand-mixed, pure essential oils for safer, greener candles that smell so much better than standard artificially scented mall store candles.