One of the best of gym bra shoppingContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

You are turning over a new leaf and getting into shape this year, and that’s final.

The first order of business: Hit the gym regularly. No excuses!

Gym-wear doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should include a supportive sports bra. Before going to the gym, head out for some serious gym bra shopping. Select a bra that is comfortable and supportive. Any woman with ample breasts who has trotted on a treadmill or engaged in a rigorous aerobic workout knows that it is terribly uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful when the breasts are jiggling around, with no support.

Here is our guide to the best of gym bra shopping:

Title Nine

Supportive bands

One of the best of gym bra shopping

A bra needs to have an accommodating band that is situated right under the breasts and there should be negligible vertical (up and down) stretch to the brassiere. A bra is every bit as important as shoes when working out. If the breasts aren’t supported properly the ligaments in the breast can stretch. The older a woman gets, the less skin elasticity she has. If the breasts continually get stretched out, they may not be able to recover their original shape, as the skin could do when younger. Title Nine has a variety of bras for the active woman, including innerwear bras, best wicking bras that keep you dry, 1-2 brabell bras and 3 plus brabell bras that are supportive and keep your breasts protected while you work out.

Just For Kix

Designed for Movement

Just for Kix bra

Gym bras need to have the perfect combination of comfort and support. Just For Kix has a variety of bras for the dancer, including bras that work perfectly under revealing leotards and other lightweight gym clothing. These lovely bras, bralettes, and bandeau bras are supportive and keep your breasts supported while you work out, no matter what type of physical activity you prefer. The sports bras here have the added benefit of feminine styling and non-intrusive design.

Specialty Shapewear

Lightweight Support

support bras at MeMoi

When engaged in physical activity, breasts move in and out, side to side and up and down, so buy a gym bra that contains the motion in all directions. Sports bras work by compressing the breasts and by encapsulation. A lightweight supporive sports bra restricts movement of the breasts by shoving the breasts close together. A shapewear specialist offers bras that can be worn at the gym or when exercising elsewhere. The bras are seam-free with thoughtful design that gives you support and contour as well as provide modesty, shape and maximum moisture protection.

Ulla Popken

Workout Support for Big Girls

sports bra at Ulla Popken

Choose a mesh microfiber sports bra from Ulla Popken with breathable fabric and a feminine accent color. Bras that come in sizes for large-breasted women offer support comes from the microfiber fabric and wide, adjustable, specially cushioned straps. Styles without underwire are a good option for maximum workout comfort – no poking, no twisting. You do all the moving, getting fit and feeling great!

Lee’s Adventure Sports

Base Layers for Outdoor Adventuring

sports bra at Lees Adventure Sports

You need a good sports bra even if your gym is the great outdoors. Good adventure apparel stores like Lees Adventure Sports are a great place to shop for your base layers, and that includes good gym bras. If you indulge in the rugged workout provided by hiking and other outdoor sports, look for a high-impact sport bra that utilizes compressive technology to provide both support and comfort. These are good things: supportive stretch fabric, wide elastic bands, and tear-away labels.