Hard Working Boots

hard working bootsContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

You take pride in your job, and you earn your pay.

When you work hard as hard as you do, you need tools that will work just as hard. That goes for your boots, too. Here are some hard working boots that will help you do your job, and be safe while you’re at it.

10. Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots

Maybe your job requires a lot of walking, or maybe it is something you do for pleasure. Either way, you need footwear that can take the miles that you put on them. Hiking boots can offer the support and stability you need. Invest in footwear that doesn’t wear out before you do.

9. Insulated Boots

Insulated Boots

Keep your feet warm and dry with insulated boots. These boots are perfect for working, or playing, in cold and damp climates. Even if your idea of weathering the elements is taking out the trash in January, you might as well do it in comfort.

8. Lineman Boots

Lineman Boots

Lineman boots are extra tall to keep out the elements—from winter snow, to fallen leaves and debris. The rugged construction works well for those used to braving the elements and getting down to business.

7. Logger Boots

Logger Boots

Logger boots combine durability and comfort to help make an extreme job just a little bit less stressful. Footwear for extreme jobs has to stand up to extreme conditions. Defy the dampness and shrug off slippery conditions with boots made for the job.

6. Packer Boots

Packer Boots

Packer boots have been worn by generations of Americans. These are the boots that the early Americans slipped on to walk, work, or ride horses. The boots are constructed to be tall and durable enough to offer protection from snakes and other punctures—like from downed limbs, or broken moonshine bottles. Because, hey, you never know what you will stumble across in the woods.

5. Harness Boots

 Harness Boots

Harness boots are actually much cooler than their name suggests. Harness boots are the kind of footwear that you don to climb on the bag of chopper and take to the road, the kind of boot that Daryl Dixon might wear when facing off against a Walker, the kind of boot that screams “rugged and damaged, yes…but sensitive, too.”

4. Wellington Boots

Wellington Boots

Wellingtons are an easy to wear slip-on style boot. They provide comfort and durability without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. These are footwear for the fashion-minimalist. If you can only buy one pair of every day work boots, and you want to be able to wear them outside of work, too—this is the pair.

3. Fire Boots

Fire Boots

Fire boots are flame resistant and cut resistant. The steel shanks keep your feet comfortable even when climbing ladders. Fortunately, the boots not only endure the heat, but they also look hot—which makes them the perfect accessory to wear in those very appealing fundraising calendars.

2. Snake Boots

 Snake Boots

Feet and snakes? Not a good combination. In snake prone areas, it is best to protect yourself with boots designed to provide protection against snakebites. Slip your feet into footwear that is waterproof, yet breathable, and rest a little easier knowing that whatever slithers through the underbrush won’t get through these durable boots.

1. Hunting Boots

Hunting Boots

If there are men with guns and crossbows, it is either the Zombie Apocalypse or it is Hunting Season. Either way, you better make sure that you have hunting boots that are up to the task. Find footwear that offers protection against the weather, provides support, and is comfortable. Because, whether you are facing off against a black bear or the undead, you want a shoe that can get you out of there in one piece.

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