Health Benefits of Tea

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healthy teaContributed by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow

Cold weather brings up the need for a nice, big cup of something.

Why not start drinking tea this holiday season? Tea might be one of the most underrated health foods available on the market. For centuries, people have used the beverage to treat a number of ailments, from weight management to glaucoma. There are countless studies published that provide scientific evidence for tea’s nutritional properties. Below we will go over the Top 10 health benefits of tea.

10. Cancer-fighting properties

Cancer-fighting properties

Everyday the human body is exposed to pollution and toxins. These harmful factors produce free radicals which have been shown to contribute to cancer. The antioxidants in tea help fight these free radicals and neutralize their effects on the body. Who actually thought a cup a day could keep the doctor away?

9. Maintain healthy weight

Maintain healthy weight

Oolong, Black, and Green are just a few of the teas heralded for the weight management properties. The secret is in the way tea kick starts the body’s metabolism. Tea — green tea, especially — help increase your metabolic rate to help burn calories and manage your weight.

8. Skin Health

Skin Health

The antioxidants in the tea also help free radicals from damaging your skin! Free radicals oxidize cells, accelerating the aging process, making you look more tired and worn down than you actually are. Tea helps remove impurities that can show in your skin, helping you achieve a healthy glow.

7. Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

Heart attacks occur when cholesterol and platelets in the blood clump together causing a blockage in an artery. Tea helps keep bad cholesterol down and blood flowing to nourish your heart with oxygen!

6. Brain Health

Brain Health

While tea may not have as much caffeine as coffee, it is enough to act as a healthy stimulant. Tea contains l-theanine as well which has been shown to increase dopamine in the brain. Both caffeine and l-theanine work together to improve brain function and provide long-lasting, stable energy to get you through the day.

5. Improves Oral Health

Improves Oral Health

The catechins in tea have been found to provide a mild antibacterial effect in the mouth. Harmful bacteria can hide in there; the kind that can cause tooth decay, cavities, and infections. The antibacterial qualities in tea help eliminate these threats. Who knew tea could help keep those pearly whites so beautiful?

4. Strong Bones

Strong Bones

A study out of England found that women who regularly drank tea over a period of time had stronger, healthy bones. It is believed that the polyphenols, along with other compounds, induce anti-inflammatory responses in the body and effectively prevent osteoporosis.

3. Digestive System

Digestive System

Stomach issues are never fun, but when it seems like nothing can soothe your belly, reach for a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea. Peppermint has been used to relieve gastrointestinal distress. Chamomile and peppermint both work to soothe muscle spasms in the digestive tract and alleviate nausea and gas.

2. Diabetes


Studies have shown a drastic difference in rates of diabetes between populations that regularly drink tea versus population that do not. More studies need to be done to show tea’s preventative properties, but we do know that tea helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels–a major concern for individuals who do suffer from this illness.

1. Immune Support

Immune Support

There’s a reason that people suggest a hot cup of tea when you’ve caught a cold or flu. Not only does the steamy drink open up air passages to help you breathe, but tea can actually speed up the recovery time from a nasty bug. Disease-fighting chemicals called “antigens,” help reinforce the immune system’s first line of defense to help you get better faster.

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