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Health Tests

By Editorial Staff

Contributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

With all of the health care problems that can sneak up when you are busy with work, and school, and family, and errands, it is good to know that so many simple health tests are readily available that can easily help pin point problems, or ease your mind.

Here are some of simple health tests that can save your life.

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10. Allergy Tests

Allergy Test

Sometimes allergies are simply a matter of grabbing some tissue and waiting for the pollen to quit flying, but other times allergies can be a matter of life or death. No matter which type of allergies you suffer from, allergy testing can do more than simply help alleviate unpleasant symptoms—testing can help identify potentially life threatening allergies.

9. Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Tests

The moment you become pregnant, your decisions and choices affect more than just yourself; so the sooner you know for sure, the better. Don’t dismiss that queasy stomach, that exhaustion, or that nagging feeling that something is amiss. Who knows? Perhaps it is your mother’s intuition kicking in early!

8. Drug and Alcohol Tests

Drug and Alcohol Tests

If Junior has been acting defiant, secretive, or belligerent, it might be more than just simple adolescent rebellion. Adolescence doesn’t normally include bloodshot eyes and slurred speech until Junior is making some bad choices. If your suspect that there is a problem, a simple test can put your mind at ease…or it can start you on the road to getting help for your child.

7. Lead Exposure

Lead Testing

Old pipes, old paint … yes, older homes can have more problems than just the need of repairs. Older homes can also cause serious health problems for those who live in them—such as lead poisoning. Exposure to lead can present with symptoms that are often overlooked or dismissed. However, testing can help pinpoint possible lead poisoning and can save lives.

6. Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin Deficiency

As more and more families turn to fast food to fill their stomachs, vitamin deficiencies seem to be becoming more and more prevalent—and simply popping an over the counter multivitamin might not be enough. Consider clinical testing to evaluate possibly vitamin deficiencies in order to prevent the related health problems that are associated within inadequate nutrition.

5. Thyroid Test

Thyroid Test

Thyroid problems can sneak up on you, and the changes they create are often overlooked or attributed to other factors. Whether it is unexplained weight gain or loss, exhaustion, or a racing heart—don’t put off this simple test.

4. STD Tests

STD Tests

According to one study cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four sexually active adolescents will have been infected with a STD by age 21. If you, or anyone you know, are concerned that they may have become part of this statistic, encourage them to find out for sure. There may be treatment options, or measures they can take or lessen symptoms or the risk of transmitting the disease to others.

3. Testosterone Level Tests

 Testosterone Level Tests

As a man ages, his testosterone level often starts to decrease. Often, men are reluctant to discuss the related symptoms with his doctor. However, there is discrete testing available to help identify low testosterone. Discuss results with your physician to determine if treatment options should be pursued.

2. Blood Disorders

Blood Disorders

There are a multitude of blood disorders that can be identified with a simple test. Whether you suspect anemia, or you simply feel that “something isn’t quite right” testing for blood disorders can search for specific disorders or provide a general overview of health.

1. Celiac Disease


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Celiac Disease was once thought to be rare, but now it seems that everywhere you look there are gluten free alternatives for just about every food. Stomach pain, bloating, gastrointestinal distress, and eczema can all indicate possible celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Find out if you need to throw out the gluten with a simple test.


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