by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Studies show strong friendships are good for your health, so a night with the girls is pretty much always what the doctor ordered.

All you need for a good time are a few of your favorite ladies in the same room, but party themes are always fun to throw into the mix.

Try these hilarious girls night party ideas the next time you need a friendly pick me up.

10. Pajama time

pajama time

Throw an old school slumber party with a strict onesie dress code. It’s impossible to take anything too seriously wearing soft, comfortable footie pajamas. This night is dedicated to cozy, super fun comforts. There’s a style for every type of gal from rainbows and cupcake patterns to stripes and bunny tails with drop seats. Why not?

9. Clothing swap

Clothing swap

Clothing swaps are a blast. Nobody goes home empty handed and it’s a great way to shop trends on a budget. Have your gals bring a few gently worn pieces they’re going to part with soon anyway. Wear a tank top and tights so that trying things on will be easy. Put on some music and make up a batch or sangria or the group’s favorite cocktail.

8. Cook-off


Throw down the gauntlet and challenge your friends to a chili cook-off, pie bake-off or see who grills the most delicious premium steaks. Whatever the girls love to make and eat. Form teams if your group is large. Between rounds of judging, do a dance-off to keep energy high.

7. Scary movie night

Scary movie night

Hilarious girls night party ideas are all about the guilty pleasures. Choose a few favorite flicks you haven’t re-watched nearly enough and get the salted caramel cheesy pop corn popping. Turn off the lights and hope for a dark and stormy night. Lighten the mood with light non-scary flicks like Teen Witch. For a more extreme extravaganza, start with a classic like Halloween followed by the contemporary creepiness of It Follows.

6. Dress your address

Dress your address

Ever wondered how they dressed in the year 512? Or what your great great grand ancestors will be wearing in 3132? Challenge everyone to dress in an outfit that corresponds to their street address and sort of find out. You’ll get a wild mix of togas, Victorian grandeur and futuristic silliness.

5. Boogie night

Boogie night

A night of dancing in this season’s hottest fashions is always the correct answer. Have everyone over to get ready in the same place, swap makeup tips and try new ‘dos with each other’s hair. Then hit up a venue with live music and cut loose. Tempted to throw in a twist? Surprise your buds with a pole dancing group fitness class – tons of gyms do them.

4. No cups allowed

No cups allowed

Also known as ABC parties, Anything But Cups, is a funny way to make the tamest of get-togethers memorable. All guests bring something to drink out of. The only rule is no cups are allowed. Here’s your chance to see your best friends enjoy a lovely wine from a cat bowl or a flower vase.

3. Game night

Game night

Let the good times and the dice roll and host a night of board game madness. Indulge in a whole lot of girlishness with the ever popular What’s a Dame to do?! Better yet, dig into your group’s horrible side with the Cards Against Humanity game.

2. Boozy book club

Boozy book club

What’s so funny about a rousing conversation on your favorite books? Give it a boozy twist and find out. Oscar Wilde would approve of vodka infused Picture of Dorian Grey Goose discussions. Let’s talk about Love in the Time of Kahlua why don’t we?

1. Back to school

Back to school

Kids aren’t the only ones who get to go back to school. Not if your friends have anything to say about it. For truly hilarious girls night party ideas, step back in time. Have everyone dress as they did in high school and bring a backpack of arts and craft supplies. Bonus points to whoever has dad pick them up at the end of the night.