One of the best of holiday china for entertainingContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

It may only happen once or twice a year, but when it’s time to break out the holiday china it can only mean serious dinner plans are in the offing.

And with the Holidays upon us, that time may be now. Whether you’re ready for your first set of china, or just had enough of the old, tired, and slightly chipped collection you’ve been using, this best of list is for you.


Winter Song Americana

One of the best of holiday china for entertaining

Lenox has offered some of the finest American made fine china for what seems like forever. Not surprisingly, their collection of holiday china is exquisite; like this example from the Winter Song collection. What may surprise you is the price; with great savings for a 12-piece set you can beautify the Holiday table and still afford to actually put food on it.

Tradition in Tablesettings

Multi-holiday patterns

Of course, the Holidays are a lot more than just Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or whatever the name of your particular gift-giving season happens to be. Many stores have several, specific holiday china options to choose from, the Winter Holiday china is multi-dimensional. Just as nice for a Thanksgiving or New Year’s sit down as a gift-giving gathering, means you’ll get a load of use from this set.


Jewelry for the table

One of the best of holiday china for entertaining

Ross-Simons is probably best known for their selection of fine jewelry, as well they should be. But after you’ve taken a few minutes to browse the fine china collection, it becomes readily apparent these guys are pretty good in the dinnerware department too. Another example of holiday china as much at home during a Fall Foliage bash as a formal Christmas dinner.

Vintage Stores

Add to your heirloom china

One of the best of holiday china for entertaining

If you’ve chipped so many plates and cups from your existing holiday china set it’s no longer safe to use, take heart. Dropping or chipping a dish from a set you’ve had for decades used to spell disaster; how in the world do you replace that? Vintage stores have literally hundreds of different manufacturers and patterns so you can toss the chipped-ware, without trashing the whole set.


Holiday gold

One of the best of holiday china for entertaining

A holiday inspired 40-piece fine china set for under a $100? It is possible, and BrylaneHome will prove it. Ideal for the season, the Golden Ceramic design will also work for other important dining occasions throughout the year. And did I mention the whole set is under $100?