Every year we gather at this time of the year to enjoy the company of our family and friends.

Often, this involves plenty of food and drink, and while you may know the perfect wine pairing for your roasted turkey and how to make your father’s favorite drink just right, it can sometimes be hard to come up with creative non-alcoholic options for your guests. This year, instead of laying out boring old sodas and water bottles, give one of these holiday mocktails for the no-alcohol crowd a try!

10. Rose Lemon Spritzer

This simple but elegant drink is made with two tablespoons of rosewater, two tablespoons of lemon juice, honey to taste, a splash of orange juice, one cup of sparkling water and a garnish of fresh rose petals.

9. Cranberry Apple Cider Punch

Cranberry Apple Cider Punch is always a big hit with the children in my family. All you really have to do to make it is mix cranberry juice, apple cider, and ginger ale. There are no specific measurements to this recipe, just mix them to taste and garnish with fresh cranberries if you like.

8. Candy Cane Sparkler

This fun little yuletide treat can be made by simply soaking a candy cane in the soda or tonic water of your choice and adding a touch of grenadine for extra flavor.

7. Lemon Berry Colada

Lemon Berry Coladas are simple to make and pack a lot of flavor. Mix eight parts lemonade with two parts coconut milk and a little cherry syrup (or simple syrup and a muddled cherry) and serve in a copper Moscow mule cup.

6. Peppermint Orange Soda

To make this bright and bubbly beverage mix the juice of two oranges with two cups raw sugar and two cups water, then mix in eight 1-inch pieces of ginger and peppermint syrup. Top all of this off with a liter (or more to taste) of club soda.

5. Non Alcoholic Eggnog

Mix six egg whites, two egg yolks, half a cup of sugar, a quarter cup of salt, four cups of milk, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, half a teaspoon of nutmeg, and a quarter cup of whipped heavy cream for this holiday standard!

4. Pomegranate Tonic

This lovely little drink can be made with three ingredients: tonic water, pomegranate juice, and sugar. All of these should be mixed according to taste and volume.

3. Bitters Tonic

Simply mix a dash of aromatic bitters into your tonic water with juice of one lime wedge to enjoy this refreshing beverage.

2. Rosemary Pucker

This unique non alcoholic beverage is made by adding rosemary infused simple syrup and an ounce of white wine vinegar to club soda.

1. Moscow Mule Mocktail

The Mocktail version of a Moscow mule is simple: mix one sixth once of lime with four ounces of ginger beer and serve in a copper mug.

These simple and tasteful recipes are sure to please family members of all ages this holiday season. Next time you find yourself short on ideas for your holiday get together just use this handy guide to our top ten holiday mocktails for the no-alcohol crowd to make some memorable holiday refreshments.

by Catalogs.com Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow