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Home Baby Proofing Checklist

By Editorial Staff

baby proofingby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Bring your infant home, rock her to sleep and promise to do everything possible to protect her from the world’s greatest dangers, as parents do.

Then you look around at the edgy coffee table and open electrical sockets, and realize your home actually tops the list in terms of most immediate threats. Yikes.

Kiddos generally start crawling around 8 months old. Run through this baby proofing checklist before he hits the floor on all fours.

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10. Steps


Pre-walkers are little dare devils. Perhaps their survivals skills haven’t fully kicked in yet, or maybe they’re simply accustomed to always being caught. Either way, baby gates across the stairs are absolutely necessary. Mount them firmly to the wall because the tension pole-style gates won’t hold back a hanging child for long.

9. Outdoors


When going over your baby proofing checklist, don’t forget the deck or patio turned baby danger zone. Block steps with a sturdy, mounted gate and shift the barbeque grill to a baby-free zone if possible. Line the railing with a mesh guard. Keep the chairs and table away from railings so no little ones can use them as a climbing aid to get to the railing.

8. Fireplace


Surround the immediate area around the fireplace and sharp edges with an auto close safety gate. This will keep tikes a safe distance from shooting embers and sharp tools. Arrange burning logs on a sturdy grill, or if it’s a gas fireplace store the keys high above reach. Then on cold nights spoil that baby with a cozy fire.

7. Bathtub


Tub time safety is like recess for an infant, but parents have to be on alert. Never step away while he’s in the water and only fill the tub a few inches. Lay traction mats in the tub and just outside to prevent accidents. Squishy, playful covers for the spouts and knobs are useful, but not essential.

6. Windows


Screens may keep out insects, but they’re not strong enough to hold a child. Install window grates to prevent dangerous falls. If your windows latch at the bottom, make sure to child-proof the locks. Keep strings out of reach if you have blinds or switch to beautiful drapes.

5. Kitchen


Push knife sets away from counter edges and install basic locks on low cabinets, especially those used to store cleaning products and first aid supplies. Consider putting knob covers on the stove so he can’t accidentally turn it on as he starts to walk and reach up high. A simple appliance latch on the oven will ensure it stays closed no matter how hard he tugs.

4. Outlets


Electrical outlets should top the baby proofing checklist because they’re right at eye level of crawling kiddos. Covers are affordable, easy to remove when you need them and they snap in to block out tiny fingers when you don’t.

3. Crib


Yup, not all cribs are designed with the child’s safety in mind. When purchasing your baby’s crib, avoid ones with a drop-side and skip the bumpers. Look for with slates that are less than 2.4 inches apart. Tempting as it may be to tuck them in with a soft pillow and cuddle bear, hold off until the she’s a toddler.

2. Bathroom


While it’s easy enough to keep the door closed until he starts walking, having guests over can create stress if the bathroom doesn’t have a few safe guards. For instance, you can put a lock on the toilet lid and latch the lower medicine cabinets. Shift all razors and open-able products to a higher shelf.

1. Furniture


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Buy corner guards in bulk and turn every edge on tables, chairs and baby furniture into soft curves. Secure top heavy tables and book shelves against the wall so they can’t tip over. And those gorgeous towering lamps –shift them behind the couch or other furniture so the little climber can’t get to it.


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