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Great Kitchen Hacks: Best To-Do Tips for Your Home Kitchen

By Editorial Staff

Are you ready to upgrade your well-worn kitchen, but don’t have a huge budget for an entire renovation?

Lucky for you there are little home improvement hacks to turn your standard kitchen into one of your dreams. You won’t break the bank, but you will be excited to splurge on fancy home-cooked meals with all the time you’ll want to spend inside your new kitchen.

Here is our best home kitchen to pro kitchen hacks that will have you feeling like a top chef.

10. Purchase a new appliance

kitchen hacks
No kitchen upgrade is complete without swapping out old, broken appliances for sleek, efficient ones. As long as it’s within budget, purchasing appliances is a guaranteed return on investment. New appliances with modern finishes and smart features can add some major value to your home.

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Outside of a major renovation, there are also a few instances when you should absolutely switch out older appliances for something newer and safer.

If there are any safety concerns with an appliance, replace it.

If your appliance breaks down and it would cost more to hire a handyman than to replace it, just swap it out. Remember the 50/50 rule states that if the appliance is at least halfway through its lifetime and the cost of a repair is more than 50 percent of the cost for a new one, replace it.

Since we put a lot of wear and tear on our appliances, it’s important to make sure that they will last. Opt for retailers that carry reliable brands. Be sure to comparison shop, since you could save a lot of money with annual deals.

9. Use color on cabinets

A fresh coat of paint is an easy and cheap way to update any room. Try this out on your cabinets, which may still be functional, but are less than designer-approved.

One or two coats of paint or a stain will allow you to make a serious impact on a tight budget. You can refinish all of your cabinets for under $100, or opt for painting only the doors, trim, and shelves to cut costs further.

For the best results, spend time prepping with these tips:

  • Remove all of the hardware, including knobs and drawer pulls.
  • Clean each surface thoroughly.
  • Fill in any nicks or holes with putty.
  • Sand the surfaces down to hold the paint or stain.
  • Use two to three coats of a preferably self-priming paint.
  • All cabinets to dry completely before re-attaching hardware.

8. Style open shelves

Since new cabinets tend to be one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen remodel, minimize your investment by tearing out unattractive upper units and replacing them with hanging open shelves. You can get reclaimed wood planks cut to size and mounted on wall brackets for half the cost of new shelving units.

The modern floating shelf look is popular for good reason. You can add decorative items, such as platters, serving bowls, and china, to the shelves to add some artistic beauty to your kitchen. Consider picking a single color palette or staying within a neutral theme for the biggest visual impact.

7. Organize your drawers and pantry

Sorting the contents of your kitchen cabinets and drawers into well-organized categories is the first step in having a functional space. Tackle the pantry with all of its baking supplies, cereals, grains, and snacks by sorting items into individual clear storage containers and open wooden or wire bins.

Organizing doesn’t cost a dime, just time and patience. You will want to spend on containers in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but they are multi-purpose and can be used again in other parts of your house. Besides, there are lots of online and in-store options to buy cheap organizational tools.

Having a well-organized kitchen creates a sense of visual order within the space as well as makes it easier to find whatever you need at first glance without searching through miscellaneous piles.

6. Create a coffee bar

Coffee bars are the things of editorial spreads. What if I told you that it’s entirely possible to create your own.

Gather all of your coffee-making appliances and utensils together on counter space. Add mugs and cups to the shelves above. Keep filters, pods, or grounds in a drawer underneath.

5. Install a wine cooler

kitchen hacks
Wine refrigerators are an often overlooked kitchen addition that can seriously boost resale value. Just don’t compromise on storage space to install the wine cooler.

A wine cooler can be added underneath a counter or an island. Consider giving the fridge its own dedicated corner on your kitchen below a counter with shelving above. Creating a bar area takes it to a whole other level.

4. Add an island

Kitchen hacks renovators wish for a center island in their kitchen; adding storage and countertop space. A large, built-in island, however, isn’t practical in every kitchen. A smaller, freestanding island performs the same function but saves space and money. It can conveniently be moved to a side wall or other room if you need more open space in the center of the kitchen.

3. Brighten with lights

A single statement-making light fixture can transform any space from bland to breathtaking. Sleek geometric styles in a metallic color add a contemporary look. Rope lights are perfect for a rustic feel.

Add more than one light if you’re looking to add drama to your kitchen space, hanging above the island for example.

2. Switch out old faucets

kitchen hacks
The sink and faucet are the central focal point of the kitchen hacks, so if you have a boring one chances are it’s bringing down your entire design. Keep it simple with a metal finish or be bold with a trendy matte black finish.

Updating your kitchen faucet and other cabinetry hardware could run you anywhere from $100 to over $500, depending on the look and finish.

1. Update the hardware

There are some hardware finishes that remain forever timeless, including chrome, nickel, and stainless steel. Warm metallics, like rose gold, however, are an increasingly popular option that adds a fresh, modern look. Another good choice is brass or bronze.

Replace your cabinet hardware with pulls and knobs in your desired finish and we guarantee you’ll see an immediate difference in the overall appearance of your kitchen.

If you want to spend as you go, change a few pieces of hardware at a time. Luckily the mixed metal look is on-trend right now, so your mismatched cabinets will look perfectly intentional.

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