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Home Moisture Problems Solutions

By Editorial Staff

home moisture problemsby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

From time to time, we have all run into problems where we have a little too much moisture in our houses.

While this can just be an annoyance if it isn’t occurring for too long or too often it can actually be a danger if the moisture is too common an occurrence. Too much moisture in the home can mean the growth of black mold. This kind of mold can be extremely harmful and even deadly if you breath too much of it into your lungs. Because we like you and don’t want to see that happen, we have brought you the top 10 moisture problem solutions.

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10. DampRid


This is a special product that comes in a bucket of different sizes and amounts. DampRid is a desiccant that starts off as sort of a crystalline compound and when it is sprinkled into areas where you are having condensation problems it will soak up the moisture. Change out the compound every couple of days and you have a short term solution.

9. Breathable Paint

Breathable Paint

Sometimes the kind of paint you use on the walls in your house can make all the difference. If you are using a paint that is not breathable enough, it won’t allow the moisture that is occurring to get through its pores. The water will then bead on the walls and when enough moisture has formed you basically have a puddle. If you have high gloss paint, it is not breathable enough and you should replace it.

8. Proper Extract Fans

Proper Extract Fans

Most homes have extract fans in the bathroom and kitchen. If yours does not, you should consider installing them. If you have them and still have moisture problems, make sure they are working correctly. These fans rid the home of smells, but they also rid the home of excess moisture.

7. Proper Ventilation

Proper Ventilation

Along the lines of extract fans, make sure your house has proper ventilation. If air and moisture is not able to flow through the house properly the moisture will get trapped and form condensation.

6. Windows Open a Crack

Windows Open a Crack

If you are having problems with moisture despite trying other methods you can also leave windows open just a crack. By doing this you are making sure there is proper ventilation and moisture that is created by people in the house breathing will be able to escape.

5. Double Glazing Windows

Double Glazing Windows

On way that moisture can form in the home is when outside air is warmer than the air inside the house. When the two air temperatures meet, condensation is formed. Double glazing the windows will allow the house to retain more heat, making the air warmer and leading to less moisture.

4. Better Insulation

Better Insulation

Better insulation serves the same purpose as double glazing. If you are able to keep the home warmer, you are going to see less moisture throughout the house. Better insulation can also serve as a kind of barrier for water getting into the house in the first place.

3. Wipe Moisture Away When Seen

Wipe Moisture Away When Seen

This seems like a bit of a no-brainer solution, but people often don’t do it because it can be a bit of a pain. We would rather find ways to stop the moisture from forming at all. Still, if you have a window that has condensation forming, wipe it away as soon as possible. This will cut down on the moisture that can reach areas where mold will spread.

2. Washer and Dryer Closed Off

Washer and Dryer Closed Off

If you have a washer and dryer in your home, you should make sure that it is closed off from the rest of the house. Washers and dryers are going to have some very moist air and it is best if they are in rooms that you can separate from your home to keep that moist air from spreading.

1. Dehumidifiers


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If moisture has already gotten into your home and nothing else is working, then the absolute best way to solve the problem is with a dehumidifier. These machines do exactly what it sounds like they should do. They suck the moisture out of the air. Put them wherever you are seeing condensation problems and those problems will go away.


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