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Hookah Smoking Tips

By Editorial Staff

hookah tipsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

From mixing tobacco flavors to removing old grit from the hose, there are countless tricks to getting more from your smoking sessions.

Fortunately, enthusiasts are generous with their wisdom.

Here are your top ten hookah smoking tips. Pass them on.

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10. Cool your smoke

Cool your smoke

A simple way to enjoy a smoother, cooler smoke is to drop some ice in the water of your base. Make sure the level doesn’t go above 1 to 1.5 inches. Give it a try and see how you like it.

9. Treat the tool well

Treat the tool well

A quality hookah will last for years if you take good care of it. Make a habit of checking that the connections are air tight – including hose to stem, stem to base and the bowl to stem. Seal any air leaks by wrapping a small piece of wet paper towel around it. While smoking, lightly blow into the hose every now and then to force out smoke lingering in the base chamber. When you’re finished, hang the hose so it stays fresh.

8. Use multiple hoses

Use multiple hoses

Some flavors of tobacco are mighty pungent. Looking at you, mint! Strong tastes are satisfying in the moment, but you don’t want to continue tasting them when you’ve switched flavors. Hoses are affordable so it makes sense to have a few on hand. Set aside a specific one for the stronger flavors so you can appreciate the subtle ones, too.

7. Break it up

Break it up

Hookah smoking tips are all about getting the most of every pull. Mixing the shisha is part of the ritual and it ensures any large leaves are broken up. Make sure you break it up when it’s still in the package to keep the juices consistent and at the right level.

6. A drop of red wine

A drop of red wine

Whether you have some shisha that you don’t like the taste of or you’re just in the mood for experimentation, adding a drop of soothing red wine to the water will perk things up. The flavor will improve and you’ll get that comforting warm sensation after each puff.

5. Don’t smoke on an empty stomach

Don’t smoke on an empty stomach

Alas, you cannot subsist on shisha tobacco and other sorts alone. In fact, smoking is incredibly satisfying after a nice meal. That’s why most hookah venues serve food! Throw some hickory smoked brisket, ribs or sausages on the grill, have some friends over and light up after.

4. Don’t be shy

Don’t be shy

Hookah smoking tips are something a lot of people are curious to try out and haven’t had a chance to. Most restaurants and bars that offer it are concentrated in large cities. Like enjoying a good cigar, this type of smoking is a different experience when shared with good company. Be prepared to provide some instruction to the amateurs before breaking out your fancy tricks.

3. Blend away

Blend away

Curious to know what strawberry and banana flavored tobacco tastes like together? Nobody’s stopping you from finding out. Add a pinch of this and a pinch of that to make every session deliciously unique. Think of flavors that work well in gourmet drinks and treats – cappuccino and mint – and play with the ratio until it tastes just right.

2. Pack lightly

Pack lightly

Jam as many pairs of jeans into the suitcase as you wish, but when it comes to packing your bowl keep it light. Sprinkle a small heap into the bowl to just above the rim and don’t pack it down. Using too much clogs the air flow, not to mention wastes tobacco.

1. Ventilate


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Good air flow is essential, which is where foil comes in. Use a toothpick to create several small holes in the foil to improve the air flow. Loosen the tobacco before placing the foil over your bowl with the shiny side down.


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