Contributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

Summer is much more than cut-off shorts and tank tops, more than bikinis and flip flops. Summer has a charm and style all its own—a style that glimmers with hints of decadence and luxury. Explore the latest trends and colors this summer with these top fashion trends and provide a bit of glamour to an already hot season. Below are the 10 hot summer fashion tips you should try to look chic and fab this season!

10. First Summer Fashion Tip: Sophisticated Espadrilles

summer fashion trends

Espadrilles have long been considered the shoes of summer. But this summer offers something special pointy-toed espadrilles! The pointy toe adds sophistication to an otherwise casual slip-on. The shoe is just as at home with a gypsy skirt, or flared pants, as it is with cropped pants and shorts. Stock up on pairs in vibrant oranges, sea-soaked blues, and cool metallic shades.

9. All Things Glitzy

All Things Glitzy for summer

This is the summer of All Things golden and glitzy dominate the summer scene. Just add a hint of a golden hue to harken back to that golden age. Golden fabrics, sequins, earrings, and gemstones cast a romantic glow on any ensemble.

8. Sweet Swimsuits

swimsuit, summer fashion trend

Take a pass on those revealing strips of fabric that leave nothing to the imagination. Instead, make a statement in a sweet swimsuit that accentuates your assets while still maintaining some measure of modesty.

7. Pretty Print Pants

Pretty Print Pants

Prints are too often reserved for flowing skirts, or tunic blouses, but this summer more sophisticated prints are finally finding their way onto pants. Print pants transition elegantly from the office to an evening out, and provide an alternative to stuffy business attire. Trade in your tired trousers for this elegant alternative.

6. The Perfect Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts have never been more popular, but not the straight, long skirts of fall. No. Summer’s pencil skirts are shorter, with a hem that drapes lower in the back creating a playful sense of whimsy. The skirt still hugs, accentuates, and suggests so much more…but it does not flaunt, it merely flirts.

5. Nautical Inspiration

Nautical-inspired clothing is making a big come-back. Red, white and blue looks great against tanned skin. A richly colored shirt with a knot-inspired pattern suggests easy elegance and cool sophistication and can be paired with black skinny pants, a pencil skirt, or even jeans.

4. Maxi Dress

The maxi dress lines flatter any form, and it is conservative enough for work…yet with a cutting edge. They come in every color and pattern so they will be sure to suit your style.

3. Easiest Summer Fashion Tip: Incorporate a Cuff Bracelet

summer fashion trends

One-piece can pull together an outfit, can set the tone for an ensemble, and can transform something simple into something memorable. A cuff bracelet is such a piece—paired with the classic “little black dress” the cuff catches your eye and weaves its story.

2. Bold Patterned Linen Top

Linen is a traditional summer fabric that is making a comeback in a variety of colors and bold patterns. Natural fiber with a lower environmental impact than cotton, linen offers strength and durability. Linen is also breathable and highly absorbent and naturally, insect repelling,

1. Last Summer Fashion Tip: Riot of Color

No longer relegated to the back of the closet, orange has made a wild resurgence. Orange is the color of sunshine and passion, of vibrancy and abandon. The timid can use it more sparingly—a scarf perhaps, or a necklace. But for those with verve to spare, don a fiery orange dress and drape yourself in the color of the season.