How to choose a fragrance for a man

Here's how to choose a fragrance for a man to appeal to his sense of style

Here’s how to choose a fragrance for a man to appeal to his sense of style

The process of selecting cologne for your fellow is all about him, not you. Avoid picking based solely on what you want him to smell like and consider the type of person he is. The best scent for him will reflect his lifestyle and personality.

You can learn how to choose a fragrance for a man by first looking beyond brand names, cool packaging and marketing hype. If your intent is to help him find a base scent, one he?ll wear day or night without a second thought, get personal. 

The majority of colognes for men fall into a handful of categories ? musk, woodsy, modern citrus, exotic or leathery. From here they may include subtle floral, cucumber or aquatic notes. This means you?ll probably like most scents you smell. The question to keep in mind: Which one is right for him?

To answer that, consider the following:

What kind of impression does he want to make on people?
What are his tastes like?
What’s his personality type?



No doubt he tries to make a good impression on people, but this gets more specific. The industry he?s in, type of work he does and stage he?s at in his career should be factored into scent selection. Classic colognes with a clear base note like cedar or light floral will get him noticed in the right way, particularly in a corporate environment.

Men working in creative environments tend to have more freedom. Test a few off-kilter scents with bergamot, nutmeg or other warm, earthy spices.

What he likes

The secret to how to choose a fragrance for a man is probably within reach. Narrow the possibilities to a handful of front runners by looking at what he already wears and make a list of the dominant notes that appeal to him.  Use this list as a guide, but consider introducing him to something he hasn?t tried before like a unisex citrus-based or refreshing cucumber scent.

Try not to over think him. Sometimes looking in his closet can help highlight his strongest traits. Plus, picking a scent that matches his clothes makes sense. For instance, easygoing, down to earth guys with a closet full of flannels and jeans are a good fit for fresh, green colognes rather than a standout, spicy scent.

His personality

Scent triggers strong memories. Sometimes it?s the first thing we remember about a person. Matching his grooming habits and personality to a scent increases the odds that he?ll be pleased with your choice.

Men who spend as much time as possible outdoors are a good fit for woodsy notes. Cultured fellows with a certain mysterious allure are the personification of a warm, musky fragrance. Sweet, romantic fools are an ideal match for florals.

Creative types, athletes and those bursting with energy are a natural fit for fresh, lively citrus and green scents. As these are often lighter than most, he may want to reapply when going out at night. And let?s not forget the powerful boss or those aspiring to the throne. These fellows send a message with an equally ambitious scent, so try a heady mix of amber, jasmine and musk.

Test drive a sample

The best scents heighten how a person already smells. A scent that works with the body?s natural chemistry is the one that?ll smell best on him at the beginning and end of the day. If possible, test samples of your semi-finalists on his skin ? a different one each day ? and see how he smells in the evening. 

Knowing how to choose a fragrance for a man saves him the trouble of relying on pushy sales people for advice. He?ll love having a scent that he?s comfortable wearing every day and you?ll love getting close that much more.