Getting a tattoo is not something you should do on a whim; think first then act

Getting a tattoo is not something you should do on a whim; think first then act

This is a mighty big decision, even if the tattoo that you are planning on getting is small. If you arre wondering how to choose a tattoo, understand that selecting the right tattoo is essential because you are going to have it the rest of your life, unless you later decide to have it removed. Sometimes the removal process does not work particularly well.

There are factors to consider when you are trying to determine how to choose a tattoo. This is not a decision that you want to make impulsively or recklessly nor should you do it when you are not in full control of your faculties (i.e., when you are drunk.) Many have lived to regret their foray into the tattoo parlor at the end of a party night. Most tattoo parlors will refuse to put a tattoo on someone who is obviously intoxicated.

If it is your first tattoo, you may want to consider putting it in a discreet location, kind of like a test run. Then again, you may want to go for the gusto and get it somewhere that makes a bold statement. Make sure that your tattoo artist has a good reputation and runs a clean operation. Do not go to a fly-by-night artist. Ask around and see who your friends recommend and whom they tell you to steer clear of. If you see someone with a tattoo that you like, ask for a referral.

Do not make a rushed or uninformed decision. Give considerable thought to choosing your tattoo and what color of ink you want and where you want it to be placed on your body. Do not yield to pressure from your friends. Remember that your tattoo is an expression of you so it should accurately reflect your personality. Furthermore, realize that it is going to hurt to get a tattoo, and you must be prepared to endure this discomfort.

Check around and see how much it costs to get a tattoo. A larger tattoo is going to cost more because it takes more time to complete.


Deciding where on your body you want to be inked is every bit as important, if not more important than, the design itself. Consider what you do for a living and whether a tattoo is appropriate for your work situation. Do you want your tat on display all the time or only during intimate situations?  A tattoo is your statement to the world so think long and hard what you want that statement to be because it is going to be around for the rest of your life.

Avoid selecting a tattoo that is trendy because trends come and go but your tattoo is staying put.  If you choose something that is really cool in 2010 it might be comically outdated by 2015.

Do not get a tattoo because someone wants you to. Get one because you want to. This is not about pleasing someone else, only yourself. Getting the name of your current beau or girlfriend tattooed on your body is probably not the best idea because many relationships do not endure, and yet you will be stuck with Suzi Q tatted on your bicep for the remainder of your life. Your next girlfriend or your future wife may not be very fond of your ink. “Coverups” that disguise a name or design can be costly and may not look that great.

Go online and check out the various tattoo designs that are available. And, of course, you can design your own. Be creative. Come up with a design that is unique and an expression of who you are.

A flash design is one that is on display in the tattoo parlor and from which you can choose. Tattoos flash means a stock tattoo design. If you get this type of tattoo realize that many others may be sporting the same ink. It is not going to be an one-of-a-kind design. Tattoo flash is basically the bread and butter of the tattoo industry because they can be cranked out quickly. A flash tattoo is cheaper than getting a custom designed tat.

You can ask for alterations or changes to a flash design that you like. However, keep in mind that the flash design that is displayed on the wall is not necessarily a reflection of the work that the on-site tattoo artist. The flash design has probably been created by someone else. If the tattoo artist you are interviewing does not work comfortably in the style of the flash art that you have selected, move on to another artist. Some tattoo artists are known for their tribal design work, others for their portraits.

A tattoo artists starts by transferring the stencil of your tattoo design to your skin, exactly where it will be tattooed. Make certain that you like the size, the placement and the design. Talk with the artist about how the shape of your body (muscles, bones, etc) work with the design that you have choosen. If you are not convinced that this is the RIGHT design for you, start over.

Do not hesitate to ask questions when you choose a tattoo. Ask to observe the portfolio of the tattoo artist who is going to ink you. Ask about the safety precautions that the tattoo artist takes. Do not be shy. This is a very important decision that you are making, and you want to make the right one.

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