Learn how to choose home accessories that work by reflecting your own style

Learn how to choose home accessories that work by reflecting your own style

Your home is where you are most comfortable and ‘at home.’ A house’s exterior and interior ideally reflect its owners’ personalities, interests and passions.

Do you browse the interior decor catalogs and feel overwhelmed? Are left wondering how to choose home accessories that work with your style? The answer is simpler than it seems: Pick items and colors that tickle your fancy and make you smile every time you see them. Quirky, whimsical accessories can be functional as well, so you are killing two birds with one stone.


Every residence needs proper interior lighting. Rather than thoughtlessly grabbing the first lamp or lighting fixture you come across, give serious consideration to where the fixture is going to be used and how well it complements the area. Do not underestimate the importance of efficient and appropriate lighting. 

Proper lighting makes all the difference in your home’s interior and exterior. It can transform a space into a romantic retreat or turn an overly spacious area into a cozy room. The lighting receptacle itself — the table or floor lamp, the ceiling fixture, the wall mount — can make a statement, enhancing the beauty of your residence as well as making it easier for you and your family to function.

Table lamps, for example, serve as focal points in a room. When a lighting fixture is well designed it adds appeal, interest and charm to your place.



Most homeowners complain about lack of storage. Create it! Colorful metro steamer trunks can be stacked on top of each other as can any kind of suitcase. The biggest trunk or suitcase goes on the bottom of the stack and the smallest goes on top. Look in your attic. You might find some old cast-off luggage just begging to be used. The trunks or suitcases provide great storage space as well as serving as an end table. This is going to be a great conversation piece. 


Those who love taking pictures and putting them on display can create an entire wall or table top display of good-looking memories by using beautifully designed frames that are nearly as pretty as the pictures themselves. 

Memory Box

A great gift for a newlywed is a memory box, where the bride or groom can stash items from the bridal shower, bachelor party or bachelorette soiree and the wedding. These keepsakes will be safe yet close at hand whenever you want to take a trip down memory lane. The boxes are so nicely crafted you will want to keep them on display. 

A memory box is a wonderful gift for a newborn baby. The infants’ parents can safely store mementos from the child’s birth as well as collectibles saved throughout his childhood.

Character Lamp

If you love whimsical accessories, consider a decorative character table that’s wonderful to look at but it also functional. The character depicted on the table is big enough to carry a book or hold a plant. The character can be either an animal or person. This item will definitely drum up some conversation .

Blue and White

If you love to entertain and want to create a stunning tabletop display, consider Dutch and Asian inspired blue and white porcelain, whose deep sapphire pigments are glorious to behold, contrasting with white china. There is nothing prettier than an array of blue and white porcelain, displayed on your dining room table. It looks urbane and is delightful. Your guests are sure to comment favorably and especially enjoy eating off the pleasing azure and white plates.