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How to decorate a studio

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

When deciding how to decorate a studio think about impact and energy

When deciding how to decorate a studio think about impact and energy

It?s a well known fact that more and more Americans these days are taking their work home?to a home office transformed and decorated for use as a photo studio, music studio, art studio or recording studio. The variety of studio setups is vast?far more extensive than those mentioned here. One?s interests, hobbies and aptitudes are factors that influence one?s choice of a studio and how to decorate a studio. In a small space, one high quality, statement making piece of office furniture – a designer desk chair, for example – says a great deal about your professionalism and commitment to run a business from a studio. A fashion-design studio, for instance, may call for exotic touches such as ultra-modern wall art, an attractive tiger-striped writing desk and dramatic lighting.

On the other hand, a studio where music is recorded will have a different theme. The wall hangings may be constructed of grids whose centerpieces are old vinyl records. Vintage recording equipment might be displayed. There might be posters of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash or other famed artists. When it comes to how to decorate a studio, the choices are endless. But a sense of order can be attained through the use of a roomy CD storage cabinet or storage tower.

Advantages abound

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The range of studio setups reflects the spirit of entrepreneurship that runs rampant among American citizens?and others. More and more people are wondering if working at home is for them. They are fantasizing about how to decorate a studio and dreaming about how to attract business to that location.

Some potential entrepreneurs are motivated to investigate how to decorate a studio because of circumstances beyond their control. Job losses have forced many to think creatively and seek other avenues for attaining income and job satisfaction. Working at home?or opening a studio elsewhere?is a risk and a thrill. The move can generate profits?and losses.

Eye appeal is everything, especially as new clients are recruited. And the ambiance that comes from mastering the knowledge it takes to know how to decorate a studio is one that is sure to help attract new business and create repeat business. Word of mouth?along with the occasional bestowal of a few high tech gifts, flowers or candy?is sure to bring in new customers?when the lips forming the word of mouth are smiling.

The stats are impressive

The U.S. Department of Energy underlines the fact with statistics, noting that as the new millennium settled in, there were 4.2 million people working either full time or part time from a home office. Today, there are thousands more. And one of the reasons for their initial success must be attributed to knowing how to do for profits what they best enjoy and how to decorate a studio. Another question relates to how to save money running that studio.

Any studio setup entails some basics that make doing business easier. Laptop computers, desktop computers, phone systems, Fax machines and photo equipment elements are a part of many studios. Air conditioning and lighting also are important.

One of the considerations inherent in how to decorate a studio is energy savings. For example, the purchase of Energy Star rated equipment may ensure using 70 percent less energy than conventional machines. And there are many other ways to employ energy savers when deciding on how to decorate a studio.

? Plan for sufficient numbers of electric outlets
? Turn off or unplug equipment when not in use
? Look for Energy Star compliant equipment
? Always activate a computer?s power management features
? Opt for laptops; they use less energy than desktops
? Put printers and computers on an easy-off power strip
? Use the empty reverse of printed paper for notes, memos
? Keep refreshments in a mini-bar instead of a refrigerator
? Use blinds or shades to control sunshine and reduce heat

Every penny counts when it comes to deciding how to decorate a studio?or any space devoted to doing business. The idea of making a business out of a hobby or a specialized field of interest is an intriguing one. Researching similar businesses in the geographic area and estimating the costs entailed in running a studio business are important steps. Every penny counts. And a penny saved is a penny earned, so says Benjamin Franklin?one of America?s best known sages and patriots.

Why not invent a business of your own that can be run from a studio? It takes time, patience and money. It takes a budget. Many expenses are deductible. Tracking expenditures and retaining all receipts is a part of the financial planning. As you plan for how to decorate a studio, keep a journal of your progress. A journal can chronicle the amount of effort, time and money going into your business. It?s a before-and-after portrait of the way you made something?out of nothing but a studio.


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