Creative tips for decorating your home and garden in celebration of July Fourth

Creative tips for decorating your home and garden in celebration of July Fourth

If you are planning to celebrate a summertime party, and wondering how to decorate for Fourth of July, there are some amazingly simple, creative and inexpensive designs you should know about. With just a bit of effort and enthusiasm, you can transform your home, lawn and garden into a festive and patriotic landmark.

1)    Plan your garden plantings, container gardens and hanging baskets in advance. Planting red, white and blue flowers is absolutely the most eco-friendly and eye catching solution to how to decorate for Fourth of July. Consult your local garden shop for a list of red, white and blue flowers that will thrive in your area.

Razzle Dazzle petunias, an heirloom variety of petunias are a traditional favorite for Independence Day events, as their red and white flowers feature a star shape. Often, Razzle Dazzle petunias are used to edge garden beds, or are planted in container gardens and hanging baskets. These flowers are also ideal for table top bouquets.Other red and white flowers include tulips, geraniums, carnations, lilies and impatiens.

Blue flowers can certainly be more difficult to find, but they are a key planting for anyone wondering how to decorate for fourth of July in the yard or garden. Blue flowered annuals include morning glories, grape hyacinth, muscari and lobelia. Blue flowered perennials include salvia ?May Night,? or delphinium.


2)    American flags are a must for anyone wondering how to decorate for Fourth of July. Many home owners line their front walkways or edge the sidewalks bordering their property with small sized American flags. Small American flags can also be added to flower pots, container gardens, hanging baskets or table top bouquets.   

Large sized American flags are also frequently used for Independence Day d?cor.  American flags are often hung from flag posts, front doors, lamp posts, trellises, or even from second or third story balconies of homes and business locations. If you are planning how to decorate for Fourth of July using large size American flags, be sure to research proper flag etiquette. For example, flag etiquette dictates that a hanging American flag should never be permitted to touch the ground, and after sunset, a flag should be illuminated.  

3)    While red, white and blue colors and American flags are the most common and traditional concepts for how to decorate for Fourth of July, there are certainly many other creative and unconventional patriotic d?cor ideas. For example, try decorating with pictures or historic American relics.  

Photographs of Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, a portrait of George Washington, reproduction maps of Civil War battle fields, vintage political buttons, or other Americana items such as handmade quilts, or an old fashioned fife and drum. Displaying patriotic flair throughout a home during fourth of July festivities can truly enhance the spirit of the celebrations.  

     After the flowers are planted or arranged, the flags are hung and the patriotic flair displayed, be sure to add the final decorative touches and embellishments such as red, white and blue balloons, crepe paper streamers, even red white and blue colored confetti. If you are planning an evening or nighttime party, consider lights such as red, white and blue colored Christmas lights, or even simple white lights. Americana-style tin lanterns are another great concept for outdoor lighting. Save money by creating your own Americana-style lanterns from tin cans.