Steps on how to get engaged to that special someone

Steps on how to get engaged to that special someone

There comes a time in every relationship when the topic of ?marriage? blooms into the imagination. One person in the relationship may start to seriously think about spending the rest of their lives with their partner and building a family with them, but they might be completely lost as to how to get engaged!

Here are a few steps that can help you begin down that long road of happiness with the person you love.


Before an engagement can be seriously considered, there has to be open communication between both partners. They must evaluate their relationship and assess what they believe the future holds for them. A few key questions must be asked: Are your career paths in line? Does it seem that a conflict will arise in the near future due to your career choices? Has there been discussion about having children?

And most importantly, do you trust this person? Any relationship?as much as you love the person?will falter if there is not a strong sense of trust between partners. Trust is the metaphorical buoy that keeps relationships afloat in a storm of conflict. This pit stop on the road to being engaged is the most critical. Once these issues have been conferred with a partner, it is safe to move onto the more enjoyable segments of the engagement process.

The Proposal

The Proposal involves three major components: The ring, the right location, and the right time.

Some couples decide to choose their engagement rings together and see it as a beautiful bonding activity, while in other cases it is the husband who goes out to hunt for the perfect ring to give his fianc?. From an early age, women are taught to have high expectations for the entire engagement process; so this ring is the mighty indicator for how well this engagement will live up to said expectations. (No pressure.) 

Hopefully, partners will understand each other?s styles and pick a ring that suits the other. If your future fianc? has a glamorous style, don?t be afraid to pick a ring with a healthy dose of extravagance, or if the classic style is more their beat, then a simple band or diamond solitaire is the way to go. Those with a more vintage or quirky look will expect something different and off the beaten path, so choose wisely. Don?t be afraid to test the waters to get a feel of what ring they would like or if they even want a ring at all.


The issue of time and place holds even more questions for the person trying to understand how to get engaged. Choosing the day to propose can be the most stressful part of this entire process! Proposing to the person you love is one of the scariest events in a person?s life?will your partner reject you? Will you be able to still feel the same about them if they do reject you?

The truth lies in the fact that if a couple has had open communication and trusts in the love that they share then choosing a day to propose will most likely come naturally. If you feel that you cannot work up the courage to choose a day yourself, then settle for one of the classics. Valentine?s Day, birthdays, and major holidays are all great times to propose, and to be quite honest it?ll make remembering the anniversary easier in the long run.     

The proposal location is left entirely up to the one doing the proposing and can either be private or public. It can be done in the comfort of home, which is sweet and cozy. The proposal can also be made in a public place–popping the question somewhere romantic or fun will certainly make for an interesting engagement story.

Getting engaged is a serious commitment. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot o? love to get to a place where both partners feel comfortable enough to decide to spend the rest of their lives together. Hopefully these steps provided clarity for entering into an engagement and, eventually, the world of marital bliss.