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How to get inspired

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Learn how to get inspired with these creative tips

Learn how to get inspired with these creative tips

Inspiration comes from different places and from different things for different people. A song might inspire you or a fragrance. You go to a movie or read a book and that stirs the fire within. You hear an impassioned speech that motivates you.

Sometimes we come across quotes that are so noteworthy and resonate deeply with us that we wonder, “What didn’t I think of that myself?”

Find ways to be inspired during your daily life to stay hopeful, positive and full of creative energy.

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Add inspiration to your home

If the inside of your house is depressing you, sucking the life force out of you, this is certainly not uplifting.

A unique way to get yourself fired up or, conversely, motivated to relax and de-stress is to add inspirational quotes to your home decor. Vinyl decals, which are really cool looking, are available in a variety of styles, designs and fonts. You apply the decals to the walls of your home. Reading the quotes, daily, can serve to remind you: calm down, work harder, stay the course and have faith.

If, for example, you want to remind your partner to kiss you every night before going to sleep, hang a specific wall decal over your bed as a good-natured reminder. Reminders of this type are a means of inspiring family members or even those in the workplace not to forget what is important, such as being kind, considerate and never taking others for granted.


Do you love flowers? Place wall art flowers stickers on your walls and position silk or real bouquets on table tops throughout your home. These are stand-alone art pieces or can be used in conjunction with wall quotes. A colorful display of flowers might be just the thing to cheer you up and help keep you on track.  

If you are trying to motivate your child to study, get some patterned vinyl letters that spell “perservere” or whatever motivational word you choose. Place the letters on the wall above the child’s desk.

The letters are thickly textured vinyl, comparable to canvas.They are self-adhesive and won’t damage the wall. You can reposition the letter if you want to. Choose the font, design and color that looks the best in the child’s room. Better yet, let your child pick what appeals to her. This will go a long way in motivating her to study.

Create inspiring outdoor environments

For some, there is no better place to find solace, peace and motivation than in their own back or front yard. Nature beckons. If you like to eat outdoors, nap, dine, entertain, swim or just stare into space, fill the area with comfortable outdoor furniture, wind chimes, bird feeders, path lighting, Chinese lanterns, hanging lights, plants and planters.

While sacked out on that delightful patio recliner or in that hammock or swinging in your swing, you may be inspired to great heights. Some quiet time in a peaceful, beautiful place, listening to the birds chirp and the rustling of the tree leaves, feeling the wind blowing against your skin, is a balm for the heart and the soul. Don’t underestimate the value and benefit of peace and solitude.

Infuse your environment with color

Consider the colors in your home. Could it be that they are depressing you? Color has a tremendous bearing on a person’s emotional state and productivity. Color can be powerfully inspirational.

If you need motivation, paint your office yellow, red or orange. These hues prompt creativity. Paint your bedroom blue, purple or green. These colors are calming and lower blood pressure.

Do you lack energy? Red stimulates a person by raising blood pressure. Yellow is good for maintaining a pleasant disposition. Purple makes a person more curious and intuitive.


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