How to get motivated to work out

Getting motivated to work out is the hard part, once started you won't stop!

Getting motivated to work out is the hard part, once started you won’t stop!

You?re sitting ? no, sprawled out on the couch, munching on Doritos, watching Nancy Grace, waiting for the spirit to move you. You wait and you wait, and you wait.

The only thing that inspires you to move is your thirst for another beer so you unfurl yourself, grunting and groaning, and slowly trek out to the kitchen, flabby thighs knocking against each other, wearing the sloppy sweat pants that is the one item of clothing that fits comfortably. Sound familiar?

Lack of motivation: Everyone suffers from it some time or another and maybe all the time. You know what you need to do, it?s just doing it.

How in the world are you going to motivate yourself to work out? Blah. You think. You are so tired and enervated that the thought of lifting your arm over your head wears you out. It hasn?t yet occurred to you that exercising might make you less blah and give you more energy.

Different techniques work for different people. Maybe you?re one of those that need to be in a class with other (victims) people, Zumba-ing or yoga-ing. If you have the money, perhaps you would prefer a personal trainer that comes to your house and rides herd on you, forcing you to work out regularly.  


Whatever your preference you need to get started, one way or another. Whether it?s flipping through the phone book or surfing the Internet to find an exercise class nearby. If that is too ambitious, then decide to take an evening walk. You don?t have to run or jog, just walk. Take your dog with you. He?ll thank you.

Your initial mantra should be: I am going to be realistic. Do not expect yourself to segue from couch potato to tri-athlete over night. Do not expect a total transformation in a matter of days. You know this will change you, for the better, if you keep at it, it?s just getting started and keeping at it.

When you change something monumental in your life, whether it?s your marital status, giving up cigarettes, changing a job or giving up a sedentary lifestyle, you have to get your mind in the right place. If your brain is not on board you are probably not going to succeed. Just decide that, yes, you are going to exercise at least for a little while. You do not have to sign a blood oath stating that you will exercise every day for the rest of your life, although you might end up wanting to.

Set realistic goals for yourself. If you force yourself to walk five miles right off the bat, you are going to get worn out and hurt so badly the next day you are going to say the heck with this and land right back on the couch.  Instead, walk one mile. Eventually, you will become stronger and have more stamina and will be able to walk five or more miles at a time. At some point, you may want to start walking faster, and you may burst into a jog. Hurray for you!

If you miss a day of exercising, don?t beat yourself up over. Forget about it and resume exercising the next day.

If you take an exercise class or work-out at the gym, you may find that you actually enjoy being around other people. Recruit some friends to work out with you. Work-out sidekicks can be a real motivator. Exercising can actually be fun. It may take you awhile to find what specific type of exercise you like doing best but in the meantime keep moving.

Treat yourself. If you have exercised every day for a month, buy yourself a new dress or splurge on a hair cut. We all like getting rewards. 

When you start seeing results, and you will, that is a superb motivator. When someone compliments you on your figure, that probably signs, seals and delivers the deal for you. You have become an official exercise and health convert.