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How to Keep Pets Safe: Best Tips for Pet Owners

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Knowing how to keep pets safe is essential for any animal owner

Animals face a variety of dangers in their day-to-day lives. Whether it’s diseases, parasites, or the risks that humans introduce, it can be quite difficult to keep them protected. However, once you know how to keep pets safe, you can prevent them from experiencing many different hardships.

Preventatives and Vaccines

how to keep pet safe
Even if your animal only goes outside to use the bathroom, it is still exposed to many different dangers. Ticks spread Lyme disease and mosquitoes can give your companion heartworms. Additionally, fleas can also make your furry friend completely miserable.

Applying flea and tick preventative regularly to your animal can prevent the onset of tick-borne disease, as well as stop certain skin problems that are caused by fleas. Your pet should also take a heartworm preventative, as well, to prevent getting this often deadly problem. Speak with your veterinarian about starting your animal on this medication.

Vaccines also protect your animal against a variety of inflictions. Rabies, distemper, Lyme disease, and feline leukemia are just a few of the illnesses that dogs and cats can pick up if not vaccinated. Many vaccines are only given once a year and can keep you and your pet safe.

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Keep Them Contained

how to keep pet safe
Just about every neighborhood has that stray dog or cat that comes to greet the residents and patrols the streets. Unfortunately, these animals face danger every day. Vehicles driving up and down the road can easily strike them, causing serious injury or even death.

Humans also capture animals like this and take them to shelters or even perform acts of cruelty. Keeping your four-legged friend indoors is the best option, but if you can’t, install an invisible fence around your property. This contains your animals and prevents them from leaving the areas you designate. Although this doesn’t offer the complete protection the safety of the indoors does, it is better than nothing.

Additionally, keep your animals on leashes when on walks. Your pooch or kitty could easily slip away from you and become injured, but leashes can stop this from happening.

Your pet should always wear an identification tag, with your name and phone number. Keep your tag information current. A collar with a name and phone number is a great idea for dogs that accompany you on off-leash walks, to the beach, or to the dog park. Dogs should be microchipped, and the microchip registered with up-to-date contact information.


how to keep pet safe
You’ve probably seen vehicles driving around that have dogs sticking their heads out of windows or walking around in truck beds. Although this may be fun for the pooch, doing so is actually dangerous. If your dog is sitting on your lap while you are driving, not only is it a distraction, but it is quite risky.

If you get into an accident, the animal will be thrust back at your face, which can cause severe injuries to both of you. Furthermore, having your animal stick its head out of the window puts it at risk of having rocks hit its face. Your pet may also jump out of the window, causing problems for you and others on the road.

Last, but not least, your animal can run around your vehicle, which is both distracting and dangerous. If your dog or cat gets under your foot pedals, you could get into an accident. Prevent these situations from occurring by placing your dog or cat in a car seat designed for animals. Doing so keeps him or her contained.

You can purchase harnesses that attach to your seat belt, which prevent your animal from moving around the vehicle. Keeping your dog or cat in a cage is also an acceptable alternative. Some animals actually prefer this method as they feel cozy and secluded in their crates.

You love your animal, so it makes sense to know how to keep pets safe. Taking the proper precautions often allows you to enjoy each other for many years.

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