How to make ribbon headbands

Create unique hair accessories for any occasion.

Create unique hair accessories for any occasion.

Making ribbon headbands is lots of fun, whether you do it for your child or with your child, and it’s fun for grownups all by themselves too. A matching or accessorizing headband can give the most basic outfit a little zing and turn a dressy outfit into a real personal best.

There are three basic methods you should know when you are learning how to make ribbon headbands. Once you have the basics down your imagination will lead you in all sorts of exciting directions.

Basic Ribbon Headband

(works with grosgrain, satin, or velvet ribbon)



  • 12 to 16 inches ribbon, one to two inches wide

  • 12 inches elastic cord

  • Needle and thread, plus a few pins



  1. Measure ribbon so it extends two inches behind each ear. That means it will just about meet at the back of the head.
  2. Make two half-inch folds at each end of the ribbon then tack with needle and thread.
  3. Run elastic cord through the two hemmed ribbon ends, check for fit and tie ends of elastic cord together.
  4. Trim extra cord. Finished!

Basic Ribbon-Covered Headband



  • Plain headband (an adult headband measures 13-14 inches, end to end; a child’s headband 11 to 12 inches)

  • Ribbon, ª inch wider than headband (you will need twice the length of the headband plus one more inch)

  • Needle and thread, plus a few pins

  • Hot glue gun





  1. Basically what you are making is a slip-cover for your plain headband. Cut ribbon in half, lay one piece on top of the other with both pieces right-side-out.
  2. Sew pieces together using an overcast, hidden or blanket stitch (if you embroider you may get even fancier!) leaving ends open.
  3. Thread headband through ribbon cover, fold ends under, hot glue them for security.

Going-For-The-Gold Ribbon Wrapped Headband


Wrapping a headband requires a remarkable amount of ribbon. Take your headband along when you shop, so you can gauge how smoothly your choice of ribbon will wrap. If your ribbon is ® inch, you will need four to five feet for a smooth wrap. If your ribbon is one inch wide, you will need a little less but the wrap will not be as smooth.

If you want a two-color or lace effect, it’s better to have a little extra than not enough. Here are a couple of  easy special effects. No one will guess that you have just learned how to make ribbon headbands:

  • Wrap completely in colored satin ribbon ® inch wide. Add a spaced overwrap of baby width velvet ribbon;

  • Wrap completely with double-edged lace. Between the lace edges, use baby width satin ribbon to add color;

  • Wrap completely in ® inch colored ribbon (satin or velvet). Rewrap in flat lace;

  • Wrap in two colors of the same kind of ribbon working crisscross Tack frequently with tiny dots of hot glue so you don’t lose your grip on the whole creation. It’s a little bit complicated, but it’s going to be gorgeous.



  • Plain headband

  • Ribbon (lots!)
  • Hot glue gun


Do your thing and tack the ends with hot glue. You know what you’re doing and it’s going to turn out to be a beautiful and unique accessory. Or two, or six. Once you learn how to make ribbon headbands remember what wonderful gifts they make.

The ideas you work out on your headbands also give you clues for making beautiful barrettes, hair clips and  unique scrunchy-style pony-tail holders. Your women friends, daughters, granddaughters and even teens will be very glad you decided to learn how to make ribbon headbands.