How to pamper the back

Learn how to pamper the back and it will treat you right for a lifetime

Learn how to pamper the back and it will treat you right for a lifetime

Oh, my aching back! How many times have you uttered those words?

How to pamper the back? There are many ways including sleeping on a mattress that has an adjustable base. The sleeper adjusts the base into the position most comfortable for him and, as a result, he doesn’t wake up stiff and achy. A mattress with massage capabilities is a great choice because it works out the kinks while you snooze.


Consider a bed wedge, which provides the same comfort and support as an adjustable bed. The wedge reduces pressure on the spine while lessening muscle tension and prompting better circulation.

When a person’s lower body is elevated by a wedge this reduces stress on the heart. Wedges help those with restless leg syndrome and pain emanating from varicose veins because the legs are raised and circulation is improved.

Those suffering from heartburn report less discomfort when sleeping on a wedge.



The pillow you sleep on has a lot to do with how you feel when you wake in the morning. If it is the wrong pillow, your neck is going to be stiff and your back may hurt.

Pillows possessing anatomic design allow your neck and posterior to rest comfortably throughout the night because the pillow relieves pressure on body parts. Additionally, the shoulder muscles are not taxed and the vertebrae in the neck are supported..

Office Chair

If you spend 40 or more hours a week sitting in an office chair, if it is the wrong kind of chair you are going to pay the price. Invest in an ergonomic chair, which improves your overall health, posture and comfort. The ergonomic chair conforms to the body, supporting the posterior, lumbar and arms.

The chair can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, tilting back or forward, raising the arm and chair height and changing the arm width. You will feel better as a result and be far more productive at work because you are no longer in agony.


Invest in a footrest, which  most people do not take into consideration when they are wondering how they can reduce back and leg pain. Prolonged sitting interferes with comfort and circulation. A foot rest reduces pressure on the lower posterior and enhances circulation.

Get a footrest that rocks back and forth.This keeps your feet moving gently throughout the work day, stimulating pressure points on the foot, which lessens lower posterior pain.

Self-Inflating Back Rest

A self-inflating back rest, which is portable and can be carried in your brief case of purse, is ideal for the person suffering from chronic posterior pain. When you need it, inflate it and put it behind your back while sitting in the office, in a plane, train or car. This provides much-needed support and is especially good for those afflicted with sciatica or a herniated disc.