Plan corporate teamwear to add cohesion and team spirit to your workplace

Plan corporate teamwear to add cohesion and team spirit to your workplace

If you are about to field a company team, you may want them to present a unified identity. This promotes a sense of camaraderie as you work together in play as much as you do at the office. Spectators and opponents know exactly who you are when you take the field.

You may want to go all out and adopt team colors, but you may run into problems finding just the right ones. You don’t have to start from scratch or hire an expensive designer to come up with a look. You can pick athletic clothing that’s ready to go and have it emblazoned with your company logo. Sometimes you can get a discount for a large order. There are some choices you’ll face in planning out what to wear.

Do a quick test by printing out various colors from the available palette. Then print and your company’s logo or lettering. Hold the results next to each other. Using a transparency for your own graphic will give you a better sense of what stands out against a background. Call in others to get their feelings about the look. Dual-color garments can add splash as well, and make you look more like professional athletes.


Ask yourself what the activities and games your people enter will be. Will they include soccer, softball, running, basketball, or skiing? If the answer is more than one, you’ll look for versatility. If the fun is outdoors, think about the season and your local climate. Think about ease of motion and comfort through hours of play.

For example, for warm weather you can find active polos that appear in a range of colors. New materials are appearing that wick moisture from the body and dry quickly. For cool weather you might consider jackets or fleece pullovers, both on the field and off. Folks have to keep warm, even while they’re warming the bench.

Consider what the uniform will consist of. You may want to have your company’s graphics on every item to standardize and elevate your team’s profile. If the games are informal, you might stick with an upper paired with a single color of shorts or pants. Do you have a mixed group of men and women playing or running together? You’ll want to make sure the online shop has very similar models for both.

When you’re moving ahead with your order, you’ll have to size up the team, quite literally. Perhaps you can pass around an order form and have people check off their size. Find a way to be sensitive when your gathering the information you need. You want to maximize participation and make no one feel left out. You’re going out for fun after all, not an Olympic medal. 

You’ll want to make sure whatever you order is machine washable for easy upkeep. Individuals may not want to show up and enjoy the game if getting ready is a chore every week.

Your newly minted uniforms may find multiple uses. People can wear them on the job. This fosters a sense of belonging. Corporate teamwear can give your company a higher visibility out in the world. If, for instance, you all attend a big trade event, your team members will stand out in the crowd. They can also spot each other far more easily. 

Always make sure your players have the right safety gear, whether the organization provides it, or perhaps reimburses players for their own outlays. Don’t forget that injuries can sideline a great performer who you rely on day-to-day, not just on the weekends!