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How to Request a Dick Blick Art Supply Catalog?

By Catalog Editor Staff

Well known for its high-quality art products, Dick Blick is famous worldwide for its out-of-the-ordinary range of items and prices. Whether you are a newbie, a skilled worker, a professional, teacher, designer, an expert, an artist doing art as a hobby, you will find all sorts of best quality dick blick art accessories here within an affordable pricing plan. 

It doesn’t matter at what stage of the artistic level because Blick provides everything by keeping in mind your creative needs. The extensive range speaks for itself as you never run out of options while buying from Blick. There is an unlimited variety of colors, pencils, brushes, canvas, paints, home decor paints, and a lot more to fill your life with dazzling shades. Go for it and choose the finest art supplies from Dick Blick as we can assure you, you will never regret your decision.

Main Categories Offers by Dick Blick:

Enlisted are some of the major categories in the Dick Blick art materials catalog for you to check out.

Paint and MediumsGouache | Airbrush Supplies | Primers and Gessoes | Fabric Painting and Decorating | Spray Paint Supplies | Sumi-e Painting | Kids’ and Classroom Painting | Craft Paint
Canvases and SurfacesStretched Canvas | Painting Papers and Pads | Watercolor Paper and Pads
Canvas Boards and Panels | Hardboard and Wood Painting Panels | Canvas Rolls
Brushes and Painting ToolsWatercolor Brushes | Acrylic Brushes | Oil Paint Brushes | Brushes by Shape
Painting Tools and Accessories | Craft and Specialty Brushes
Illustration and DrawingDrawing Paper, Pads, and Boards | Pencils | Art Markers | Drafting Supplies | Pastels
Colored Pencils Pens | Pens | Erasers | Drawing Charcoal and Graphite
Art Paper and BoardsDrawing Paper, Pads, and Boards | Colored and Decorative Paper | Paper Crafts
Printmaking Paper | Films and Barrier Paper | Kids’ and Classroom Paper
Easels and Art FurnitureArt Easels | Art Studio Furniture | Classroom Furniture | Projectors and Accessories
Lamps and Lighting | Home and Office Furniture | Outdoor Studio and Plein Air
Framing and MatboardPicture and Art Frames | Matboard and Mounting Board | Framing Tools and Accessories | Picture Hanging Hardware
Ceramics and SculptureCeramic and Pottery Glazes | Clay and Modeling Materials | Kilns and Firing Accessories | Mold Making and Casting | Digital 3D Printing | Glass Art

Paint & Medium

Paint and Medium
Try out this wide variety of paint and medium from Dick Blick art supplies for all kinds of needs. With the vast range of paint mediums available here, you can change the texture and quality of the paint and make it look the way you want. 

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Use your creative side, make the most out of these unlimited paints and mediums, and fill the faded corners of your room if you are into room decor. It is up to you whether you want an antique look or a chic one. You need to widen your creative horizon because, with Blick, everything is possible today. 

Canvas & Surfaces

There is a fantastic collection of Dick Blick canvas and surfaces for your artistic needs here. These are some of the best ones made by keeping in mind the modern-day’s creative values of an artist. Here you can choose different types of canvases and surfaces according to your preference and style. 

The material used in manufacturing these canvases is one of the best ones you will ever find that fulfills your needs. They are made up of the best-quality synthetic, cotton, woven, or linen material. These are available in different sizes, materials, and prices. It is up to you whether you need one for your literary usage or looking for the one that helps you complete your professional work. 

Brushes & Painting Tools

A wide variety of brushes and other painting tools are available at Blick. You can select the one that you think requires your artistic levels. This vast collection of paintbrushes is being imported worldwide to showcase your creativity in the best way possible. These excellent paint brushes and other painting tools are best for all sorts of artmaking and numerous other usages. 

You can choose a regular one that is best for your artwork if you are at a beginner level or go for the one selected by an expert. Everything here is the best of the best that you can try out for all kinds of painting needs. It doesn’t matter what painting needs you to have, and Dick Blick caters to all your creative needs. You will never think twice or would like to go anywhere else as what you need is right here, whether choose a brush for home decor or go for a studio handle synthetic one. 

Drawing & Illustration

You are looking for some excellent and decent-priced drawings & illustration supplies that help you do your best work as a professional or beginner? Say no more because, at Dick Blick, you will find everything that you are looking for. Leave your worries behind because Blick serves you in the best way possible that no other brand does for their user. 

The best thing about these products is that you will never need to go anywhere else and everything can be purchased at a single store. All kinds of art, drawings, and illustration dick blick art supplies are available at Blick for you to pick from, and you will never regret choosing these items. Either you are an expert or a newbie, everything you need to fulfill your creative dreams can be found at Blick.

Paper & Boards

Blick is popular because of its high-quality dick blick art accessories, so if you need paper & boards for home decor usage, there is no other option for you to look forward to. All kinds of illustration boards and papers are available here. If you are tight on budget, you need to leave your worries behind and rely upon Dick Blick as they have everything at their dick blick art store in a cost-effective price range. These papers and boards are for drawing and renovating your home if you are planning to do so. Go for Blick if you need some finest quality art products that can be used for various purposes. 

Easels & Furniture

Different quality and sizes of easels and other furniture suitable for artistic needs for people of all ages and creative levels are available at an affordable price range at Dick Blick. Use it for your drawing, photography, scientific, or any other purpose; these easels and other accessories for a newbie or an expert both are necessary to have. 

The print racks, taborets, tables, and studies chairs are some of the finest ones you can get from here. If you are a student and ran out of funds and looking for an affordable chair or print rack, then there is no other better option than trusting Blick. You will find all the items here in a reasonable range. 

Framing & Matboard

You can’t just present your precious artwork solely on paper, or can you? The answer would probably be NO, so to make your work exceptional and out of the ordinary, you need to choose the best frame that goes with the drawing you made previously.

Now at Dick Blick, artists can choose from the extensive range of dick blick frames that suits best their picture and complete the look of their art. These are not only used for the sake of a drawing, but you can pick a photo frame, canvas frame, or wall frame according to your needs. You can also find other picture framing supplies here, such as mat boards, mat cutters, framing tools, and other important stuff. 

Ceramics & Sculpture

Choose from Dick Blick this fantastic range of ceramics dick blick art supplies, starting from earthenware clay to stoneware clay, porcelain, or raku clay. Apart from that, you can find here a variety of high-fire and low-fire clays. You can form your sculptures now the way you want with this comprehensive collection of ceramic accessories here. 

Enjoy every day of your artistic experience at school, work, or if you are doing it as a hobby with these excellent products, and make the most out of your favorite activities. There are some sculpture and dick blick art supplies for you also to pick from, so you never run out of thoughts with the creative ideas you have in your mind to fulfill. All kinds of tools for sculptures are available here for you, so you don’t have to bound your inner artist.

Dick Blick Catalog An Inspiration For All

Dick Blick Catalog An Inspiration
Are you a fan of art and design? You’re in good hands with Dick Blick. Dick Blick has a large selection of instructional books and media, as well as gorgeous arts and crafts books to inspire you. Beginners will benefit significantly from the catalog’s extensive collection of primary volumes. Still, more experienced artists will appreciate more specialized titles such as Urban Watercolor Sketching, which delves deeper into specific styles and techniques.

However, paint, paper, and various brushes and dick blick colored pencils are only the beginning. Drafters and architects, scrapbookers, sculptors, screen printers, and sign makers can all find products in Blick Art Materials’ online inventory.

Best Material For Drawing

Best Material For Drawing
Dick Blick Art supplies are some of the best and comprehensive range of items available that one would love to try out. They have everything for the sake of your needs, so if you are looking for some creative material that can help you in bringing back your inner child again, then this is the best place to look forward to all sorts of art supplies

A wide range of products can help you draw and boost your confidence in the work you have done. Just check out the catalog now and choose your favorite and well-preferred art supplies, including charcoal and graphite, markers, pencils, crayons, watercolors, sketch pads, brushes, oil, medium, soft, or hard pastels, inks, erasers, drawing boards, and much more.

Dick Blick Art Material – Cost-Effective and Extensive Range

Dick Blick Art Material - Extensive Range
Color your ideas by penning down your thoughts in a constructive form with dick blick art materials. What would be a better option than this one? When you can utilize your creative instinct and create the best work that would speak for itself. 

All the art supplies at Dick Blick are affordable at prices. And you should not be panicked about spending a considerable amount of money on anything. It would be one of the ultimate options to go for students who often run out of money. And have to deal with their day-to-day academic stuff cautiously.

Make an Inspiring Art Studio

Dick Bilck- Inspiring Art Studio
Not all stores are created equal for art supplies and equipment for your studio and presents and promotions for customers. You can shop with confidence at Dick Blick because of their knowledgeable staff and extensive range. We also provide very reasonable prices that will not break the bank.

Planters, ornamental mirrors, unfinished wood signs, and other home decorations can make you visualize your creative aspirations. Paint, add handmade frills, Woodburn inspirational sayings, and more to personalize home décor objects. These goods are ideal for making your home more artistic.

Find Halloween and Christmas decorations, as well as objects that you may paint and design to add a personal feel here on Dick Blick. For a spooky or happy holiday ambiance, look into wall décor, ornaments, display trays, and more.

Blick Art- Accessible For Everyone

Blick Art- Accessible For Everyone
Are you concerned about where to purchase easels and workbenches? Or do you want to give your child a complete kit to get him started on his creative path? You’ve come to the right place. 

The items in the Blick online catalog aren’t restricted to materials for any artistic work; you’ll also find equipment for displaying, archiving, and more. Blick even provides furnishings for creating the ideal working space, regardless of your craft or ability level. Easels, workbenches, framing supplies, and even tools for your ceramic kiln are available easily. In keeping with its commitment to making art accessible to everyone, Blick also supplies special school room aids for teachers. As well as particular tools for persons who require them, such as adapted handle brushes, wheelchair-accessible furniture, and more.

With Dick Blick- Unleash Your Creative Side from Acrylic Pouring to Abstracts

Creative Side from Acrylic Pouring to Abstracts
Dick Blick offers a diverse selection of fine art paint, painting tools, and paint mediums for painters of all skill levels, from the novice to the seasoned pro. Blick sells the leading painting supplies for artists, from oil paint, acrylic paint, and watercolor paint to novel painting media. Including encaustics and fluid acrylics for paint pouring water-soluble crayons.

Cadmium-free oil paints, acrylics, and watercolors are recent advancements in paint production technology that give the same working qualities and performance as cadmium paints without the safety issues. Stone, crackle, and glow-in-the-dark effects, as well as glitter, metallic, and chalky effects, may all be achieved with high-quality spray paints.

Watercolor and tempera paint sets and student-grade acrylics are among our economical kids’ and classroom paint sets for starting painters, schools, and other learning environments. Many paints may be enhanced with pigments and metallic powders to create new hues and effects. Acrylic paint media, oil paint mediums, and watercolor paint mediums are all available from Blick Dick for adding texture and structure, generating unusual results, or retarding, prolonging or enhancing paint flow.

For preparing painting surfaces for acrylic paint, oil paint, and pastels, we have a selection of gessoes, primers, and grounds. Airbrush paints, furniture paint, craft paint, face and body paint, sign paint, fabric paint, Sumi inks, and accessories are all available from dick Blick.

Dick Blick- An Unrivaled Shopping Experience

Dick Blick- Shopping Experience
You can make a purchase instantly online or obtain a free mail-order catalog from dick Blick. If you prefer to look at things in person. Blick has locations around the United States that you are welcome to visit at any time. When you place an order for delivery. Blick says that it will arrive in 4-6 days, depending on where you are; however, expedited options are also available. The Dick Blick Art Materials online catalog can help you become the most incredible artist you can be with its simple order fulfillment process and vast inventory of arts and crafts products.

About Dick Blick Art Materials Company

Dick Blick Art Materials was founded in 1911 as a family-owned catalog company. Educators, amateur artists, professionals, and just about anyone are among the clientele they serve. Handcrafted paints and brushes are available under the Utrecht brand. They currently have over 65 retail locations in the United States. Dick Blick has been a leading provider of art materials to both artists and educators since 1911.

Dick Blick has nearly 90,000+ items in store, including paints, kilns, easels, and printing plates. The Dick Blick art supplies catalog has everything you need to be your most creative self.

The primary goal of Dick Blick art supply is to provide the best supplies to its users in a cost-effective price plan. So you can enjoy your shopping experience with them by leaving your financial worries behind.

As a leading art supply industry, Dick Blick Art gives the best opportunity to everyone. Including students, artists, educators, and professionals, to make the most out of their hidden skills and touch the new horizons of your full potential. At Dick Blick, you can now gain access to a vast collection of art and craft-related supplies within a single click. The best thing about this fantastic platform is that everything will be available in a massive variety.

You can get paint and multiple painting tools, canvas, brushes, drawing illustrations, easel, matboard, frames, and a lot more that you can’t even imagine getting from anywhere else. The art supplies here are not just for students. But you can try out the paints for your home decor as there is a lot more for you to explore. You can now renovate your house, office, school, cafe. Or any indoor or outdoor space with the help of the best painting supplies available here.

Dick Blick makes art supplies inexpensive by offering savings of up to 60% off the list price, ensuring that all artists have access to their required resources. It also caters to educators, offering special educational Dick Blick discounts codes for schools and teachers.

Location of Dick Blick

Below is the detail of major store locations by state.

StateStore Address

930 E University Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 446-0800 |

1360 Tenth Street Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 486-2600 |

341 Cooke Street Plainville, CT 06062
(860) 747-5551

6250 South Dixie Highway Miami,  FL  33143
(305) 740-7077 |

318 E. Broughton Street Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 234-0456 |
IllinoisChicago Lincoln Park

1574 N Kingsbury Street Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 573-0110 |

229 West Chase Street Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 727-7004
New YorkNew York City 6th Ave
650 6th Avenue New York, NY 10011
(212) 524-9611 |
NevadaLas Vegas

6300 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 368-0209
New JerseyParamus

65 E. State Route 4 Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 843-7702

Dick Blick Art Supply Catalog – FAQ

What Products Does Dick Blick Provide?

Paint, Canvas, Brushes, Framing Materials, Drawing Materials, Paper, Furniture, Presentation Materials, Crafts, Sculpture Materials, Printmaking Materials, Books and Media.

What’s all the hype about Materials for Art Education Catalog Edition 2021?

It is a catalog full of educational activities and other productive materials that can help students of all ages and levels to use their imaginative ideas to showcase their capabilities in different stages. You will find a detailed list of numerous creative ideas in a single handy format and make the most out of it.

How to request a Dick Blick Art Materials Catalog for 2021?

You can request your Dick Blick Art Materials catalog for 2021 by filling out the Catalog Request Form available on the official website. You’ll receive your free copy of + Dick Blick Art Materials without any shipping charges.

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Is it possible to get free shipping?

If your online orders total $35 or more, you are eligible for free shipping from Blick. Gift cards, taxes, and handling fees are not included in the free delivery calculation. Free shipping does not apply to items delivered by truck.


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