How to save money at the doctor

Learn how to save money at the doctor with these tips and budget friendly ideas

Learn how to save money at the doctor with these tips and budget friendly ideas

The way the economy has treated most of us over the last few years, money can be rather tight. We find that we are having to scrimp and save every penny and that we are having to decide between one bill or another when it comes to deciding how to spend our money.

People generally think of as being expenses they simply have to take on are medical costs. People know that they need to go to the doctor when they get sick. They know that they need to go to the doctor when they have aches, pains or aren’t feeling right and they do not know what is wrong with them. They also know that they need to go to the hospital when it is an emergency. Certain medical expenses, like tests, vaccinations and medicines, are unavoidable.

The problem with this fact of life is that medical costs are often the highest item in our household budget. Doctors offer a very specialized service and they often charge a pretty penny in order to give out that service.

One of the most costly part of paying a visit to your physician is the diagnostic phase of the visit. If you head to your local doc with a runny nose, or you are feeling punky for a long period of time, that doctor is likely going to want to run some tests in order to help figure out exactly what is going on. Those lab fees, especially when they are going through a medical office can skyrocket in price. The actual visit might cost just $20 or $30, with the lab fees sending the final bill somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 or $1,000 depending on what is bothering you.

So how do you save money at the doctor when saving money is absolutely a necessity? Obviously, living healthier is one way to save some money, but that is really going to keep you from having to go to the doctor at all. That’s not really a solution once you have actually made the trip to the office. There is a very real way to save some serious coin and that is to have testing done separately from the doctor’s office. There are medical labs set up for efficiency and cost-savings that work with medical professionals .


You can even save a bit of money by accessing these labs instead of actually going to the doctor, or you can go into the doctor’s office with a lab report in hand. The right lab is going to be a place that your doctor trusts — these labs can even be a lab that your doctor uses. When considering this type of facility it is important to realize that they really are doing the same thing that a medical professional has asked them to do. 

You are basically just eliminating the middleman by going to the facility first. If you find the right place, you can get tested for all sorts of different ailments quickly and easily. These places are bound by the same kind of medical ethics that your physician’s office is so you don’t have to worry about a bothersome or embarrassing test suddenly being posted on Facebook.

Using the right lab, you can test for anything from some basic allergies to diseases which could mean the difference between life and death depending on when you catch it. These facitlities know how to work with various doctors so that if there is special care that needs to be taken once a particular test result is returned, there is continuity of care. That continuity of care is as important as the peace of mind you get knowing that you saved a few dollars wherever you could.