Decor, jewelry, bouquets, gift baskets: thank you gifts for doctors and nurses

Decor, jewelry, bouquets, gift baskets: thank you gifts for doctors and nurses

Anyone who has spent any time in a hospital or clinic knows that the special care and attention provided by doctors, nurses and medical staff can make world of difference. 

Doctors, physician?s assistants, nurses, EMTs, and yes?even veterinarians are all extraordinary people who undertake the daily task of saving lives. Finding the right words and gifts to express gratitude and appreciation to those angels in white coats can be particularly challenging.

Perhaps you want to express gratitude to a nurse who went that extra mile to make you comfortable during a hospital stay. Perhaps you are searching for something special to send to the obstetrician and delivery room nurses who delivered your first child. Maybe you simply want to reach out to the EMT who was first on the scene to perform CPR that saved the life of a loved one.  Anyone wondering how to thank doctors and nurses, or other medical professionals should review this list of unique gifts for nurses, doctors and dentists, and other expressions of appreciation.

1)    Floral Bouquets and gift baskets are some of the most traditional “thank yous” that patients consider when acknowledging doctors and nurses. Common items include cookie gift baskets, specialty chocolates, fruit, wine, cheese, gourmet tea and coffee, and other gourmet foods. Gift baskets containing an assortment of goodies are ideal because they can be shared amongst the office staff.


2)    Gift cards to shops that sell scrubs, medical supplies, medical reference books or other professional supplies are often a good choice. That way the can pick out the items and sizes they needs.    

3)    Artwork or wall d?cor such as prints or plaques are gift options that can truly add to the atmosphere of any medical establishment. For example, an elegantly matted and framed print of animals could be ideal for a veterinarian?s office.  Or maybe a fun accessory that also benefits a cause or health association that is appropriate to their practice.

4)    Small trinkets such as a ?Number One Nurse? keychain, a funny stethescope ID tag, note card sets featuring colorful watercolor paintings of band aids, or accessories such as medically-themed lapel pins or name badges are great examples of how to thank doctors and nurses as well other medical staff, in a thoughtful and professional manner.

5)    Custom t-shirts proclaiming something funny about someone’s profession are a good choice some some nurses and other healers. We have seen one that says “Nurse by day, Ninja by Night”, and you will find similar with other occupational titles. 

6)     If you know something about the nurse or doctor’s hobbies or collections, that might help you pick a meaningful gift. Office staff can often give you insight into the tastes, style, interests or hobbies of their coworkers. 

7)     Spread the word about a doctor, vet or other healer’s special talents, skill or caring. Give referrals to new neighbors, post a message on social media or write a post on your blog

8)      A short, handwritten thank you card has the power to brighten someone?s day. Write a note or card to the person who’s skill kept you or a loved one safe, or who made lose easier to handle. These small tokens of heartfelt appreciation are sure to be treasured by medical professionals alike, serving as valuable reminders of the human lives they have touched.