How to wear a fur cape

Here's how to wear a fur cape and make the perfect fashion statement

Here’s how to wear a fur cape and make the perfect fashion statement

The sumptuous feel of wrapping yourself in fur evokes a sense of old Hollywood decadence. So why is it so rare to see women wearing it these days? Sure you can find it on the runway, swanky restaurants, and streets of Paris and Milan, but what about everyone else?

Though many would like to rock this accessory, figuring out how to wear a fur cape can be tricky. Trying to work a vintage stole into a modern look is a losing battle at the moment. Styles from the ?50s are distinctly over-the-top, but have you seen what designers are creating today?

Modern fur fashions range from restrained dark, romantic jackets with fur trim to a sexy chubby draped over the shoulders with skinny pants, and everything in between. The fur look is back and sexier than ever. Whether you?re wearing real or alterna-fur, capes elevate any look to a much bolder level.

Short capes

What first comes to mind when thinking of fur is the warmth of a long, full body piece. But that?s only a slice of what’s available. The funkier designs are much shorter. Short capes designed to wrap over the shoulders are among the hottest styles yet. 


Short capes are pretty, flirty and romantic. They’re perfect for fall, but just as popular in winter. However impractical they are in cold areas like NYC, ladies are still going to wear them. 

To pull short ones off in January, layer, layer, layer. The last thing you?ll want to do is create bulk, so stick with thin wool blends or cashmere tops – turtle necks and chunky sweaters over inner layers. Pair with leather pants or dark jeans and playful granny boots.

Still cold? Stay warm in winter with long fingerless gloves made to pull all the way up the arm. Once temperatures drop to zero, surrender. Throw on a coat with wide sleeves and no inner lining so you have room for the fur underneath. 

For supreme warmth and style, add a long fur cape around your shorter one. 

Long capes

The question of how to wear a fur cape applies to the luxuriously long styles more than any other. Many people worry they look too overwhelming or formal and only take them out once or twice the whole season. There are plenty of ways to pair this coat with a casual outfit.

Keep a few style tips in mind and you?ll look fantastic while enjoying warmth all winter long. For casual days, pair your cape with an understated outfit. Jeans and a plain sweater keep the focus on the coat. Steer clear of statement jewelry and other unnecessary accessories. A handbag and basic ankle boots can complete the look.

Glamorous occasions don?t have to involve a red carpet. They can be as simple as a romantic weekend at a mountain cabin or a date night in the city. Throw your cape on over a classic little black dress with heels and a clutch. Kick the glam into high gear with small touches like red lipstick and cat eyeliner.

Long capes cover everything but your shoes and hair. For a clean, formal silhouette add hanging earrings and sweep the hair up. To tone the overall effect down, stick with casual boots or flats and let the cape do the talking.

Knowing how to wear a fur cape is a good start. This is a bold style! Ease in by wearing more subtle pieces first ? a vest, trimmed gloves, a hat or a scarf. However you wear it, fur is a hot pick that makes any gal stand out.