How to wear wedge sneakers

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Knowing how to wear wedge sneakers gives your fashion a kick

Knowing how to wear wedge sneakers gives your fashion a kick

If you’re looking for a way to work some style into your wardrobe, wedge sneakers could be the way to do it. Somewhere between a heel and a flat, this fabulous footwear introduces a sassy edge to just about any look. If you don’t know how to wear tennis shoes with a wedge heel, you may be apprehensive to try. Once you put them on however, you’re sure to fall in love.

Casual Look

If you’re running some errands or simply hanging out, you can incorporate this shoe into a casual look. Not only are they more comfortable than typical heels, they are also sassier and can take your look from “everyday” to “stylish.”

Slip into a pair of skinny jeans to really set off the shoes. The slim pant can balance out the bulkier foot wear, making the two a match made in shoe heaven. A tight-fitting T-shirt alone or with a blazer makes the perfect accompaniment for the top.

A few hip accessories, like a funky bracelet or metallic earrings, help to complete your fun and put-together ensemble.

Dressy Look

Although it may sound impossible, you can incorporate wedge sneakers into a look that is dressy enough for work, a date or lunch with your friends. All you need is the right skirt and shirt to make the look go well with these types of shoes.

For example, knee- to thigh-length skirts that are flirty and flippy would work much better than a high-waisted, tight skirt. You want to look for something that is youthful and cute, like a denim skirt.


Trendy accessories and a chunky belt go perfect with this sort of outfit, as does a nice purse. This outfit is perfect for casual Friday, or if you work for an employer who allows you to dress in this manner daily.

Hipster Look

Leather leggings are essential for just about anyone who wants to look hip and fabulous. If you’re going to a club or simply want to attract attention to yourself for all the right reasons, wear a pair of these edgy pants.

A tailored T-shirt or tight-fitting sweatshirt complement your leggings, and are a good match for your sneakers, as well. You can even go with a long, baggy shirt with your leggings and shoes, as television personality Zendaya often does.

A few slouchy belts and trendy accessories, such as wristbands, would also work well with this look.

Leather leggings are not for the faint of heart; if you don’t want people to stare at you, you may want to wear something else. Confidence is usually required with this type of pant, however, you’re sure to feel amazing in them once you slip them on.

Inexperienced and unconfident aspiring fashionistas are often afraid to try new trends, such as these daring shoes. However, when you know how to wear wedge sneakers, you may find that this fashion move is a gateway for you to try other daring styles.

You will start to believe in your fashion sense and may have the courage to try that look you’ve always wanted to try, but didn’t think you could pull off.

Go ahead and take a step in the right direction by wearing these trendy and in-style shoes. You’ll be happy you took the plunge.


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