How you can help your dog’s digestion

You can improve your dog's digestive health by introducing digestive enhancers

You can improve your dog’s digestive health by introducing digestive enhancers

No one wants their dog to be sick but sometimes human parents may inadvertently contribute to their pooch?s poor health. If you are feeding your canine the wrong type of food or too much of it or too often you may be contributing to digestive problems. 

Perhaps your dog is elderly and is suffering from the typical old age aches and pains and simply can?t digest food as easily as he once did. You may need to change the animal?s diet.

Learning you can help your pet?s digestion includes getting information on giving him digestive enhancers or canine-specific probiotics and enzymes containing specialized beneficial bacteria and different enzymes may extend your dog’s life and will make him healthier overall.

Digestive Enhancers

Digestive enhancers help dogs get rid of pathogens that have invaded their system and soothes an overly active immune system, while also supporting the animal?s body during growth, illness, stress, hard work, pregnancy, compromised immune systems and old age.


This whey-based product can be use in dry or wet food or dissolved in liquid. It can me mixed in milk for puppies or sick canines.

Immune System Booster

Once you get your pet?s digestive system straightened out, you want to keep it that way. Consider giving your canine an all natural, all improved formula that enhances the immune system by assisting the animal in fending off negative pathogens continually threatening his health. The immune system boosting formula contains probiotics, enzymes, prebiotics, anise seed, lemon peel, pumpkin seed, licorice root, black walnut hulls, milk thistle seed and fennel seed.

Calming Paste

When a canine is anxious and stressed out, his digestion system suffers. He may eat and throw up or refuse to eat at all. Consider giving the canine calming paste, a blend of passion flower extract, valerian root extract, Tahitian Kava Kava and sunflower oil.

The paste does not make the animal sleepy or lethargic but it helps him maintain focus and feel better. If the animal is freaking out over fireworks or thunder or the latest animal addition to the family this helps calm him down.


Does your canine vomit frequently? The animal may regurgitate intentionally because it is feeling queasy and wants to get rid of that sensation. It could be the critter has eaten too much and vomits, only to re-eat it. Gross, but they do it.

Canines can suffer from what vets call ?garbage gut.? The animal develops inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) because it has eaten something foul. The animal throws up and is usually okay after vomiting.

If your animal has thrown up several times, withhold food for 12 to 24 hours, giving the critter?s belly time to rest. Provide lots of fresh water and ice cubes. When the dog is feeling better, feed it small amounts of bland food such as cottage cheese, rice and/or boiled chicken. Start introducing your pooch to regular food a day or so later. If the vomiting continues, take your pet to the vet.


When a dog suffers from bloat (gastric dilation a