valentines day fireplace decoration Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

I love decorating my house for holidays…all holidays. But Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorites. And what’s not to love? It’s all about romance and love and pretty things. That makes my sparkly, sort of shabby-chic heart very happy.

But my romantic nature also means that tacky, pre-printed paper hearts are just not going to cut it. I don’t want fast and mass-produced “official” Valentine’s decorations. I want something unique and beautiful. But I don’t have time to spend weeks arranging my space for the holiday, either. So it needs to be simple, too.

If you’re looking for some really pretty, but simple ideas for Valentine’s Day decorations, here are ten ideas for Valentine’s decor for every room in your house and then some.

10. A place for Valentines

letter box from Victorian Trading Company

One of the first things I put up for Valentine’s Day is a vintage card and letter box. Until the real cards start arriving, I fill the box with vintage Valentine cards I’ve collected from local flea markets and antique shows. (I love reading those old postcards and letters!)

9. Candlelight’s glow

irvins punched tin lanterns

What is more romantic than candlelight? Nothing, right? That’s why I have to pull out all kinds of candle holders when I’m setting up my Valentine’s decorations. I especially like the subtle glow of my punched tin lanterns. The way the light shines through all the little holes just does something magical to a room or tablescape. (And they’re a great change from the Pinterest flood of canning jar candleholders, too!)

8. Quirky, cute Valentine’s Day characters

ANNALEE DOLLS Valentine's Mouse

There is nothing cuter than a tiny face peeking over the top of a cabinet or around the books and things on your shelf. And when they’re Valentine’s themed already, it’s even better. I have to mention a brand here, because the Annalee dolls get “cute” down pat. I just love their little mice and kitties, especially for decorating kids’ rooms and nurseries, or as part of a kitchy kitchen shelf arrangement.

7. “Romanticize” your bedding

duvet set from Layla Grace

Duvet covers and pillow shams make it easy to change the look of your bedroom to match the seasons and holidays. Turn your ordinary bedding into something luxurious and inviting. For Valentine’s Day, look for something in pink or red, or a duvet set trimmed in lace.

6. Feature romantic photos

photo of wedding couple

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pull out those beautiful wedding photos or favorite photos of the two of you and turn them into wall art. Get the photos transformed into canvas works of art, or have the images enlarged and framed. Then replace your every day wall decorations with pictures of love.

5. Welcome them at the door

Valentine's wreath

A beautiful Valentine’s wreath on the front door is a sweet way to welcome visitors and family members alike to the holiday of love. Go with traditional red flowers and hearts, or work with softer shades of lavender, pink or peach.

4. Heart-filled Centerpieces

Lenox Valentine's Tree

Brighten up every meal during the days and weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day with a pretty ornament or two for your dining table. Keep it small enough to make it easy to look into your beloved’s eyes across the table, but make sure it conveys the spirit of this romantic season.

3. Spruce up your bathroom


We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so why not add a Valentine’s touch there, too? I like to replace the regular hand towels with pretty red ones (or white ones decorated with red roses or hearts). And the plain old soap gives way to pretty shaped soaps in scents like rose, lily-of-the-valley or lavendar.

2. Did I mention candles?

white candles

I did talk about candle holders. And romantic bedrooms and pretty bathrooms. But where would any of those things be without candles to add the sparkle and scent to your whole house during Valentine’s Day? Forget the heavy scents of December or the strong flowery aromas of summertime. For Valentine’s Day, look for soft, inviting scents with light florals like rose, jasmine or lily.

1. Soft luxuries

cashmere throws

Make your living room or family room just a little more comfortable when you decorate for Valentine’s Day with soft-as-a-cloud cashmere throws and fluffy and soft throw pillows. Adding comfort is a way to show your love for your whole family, so this is a decor choice that everyone will appreciate.

Decorating for the holiday of romance is my very favorite season of the year. I hope these ideas will help you bring a touch of romantic magic to your home this Valentine’s Day.